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Morgan Online

Morgan State University Teach Online Course

Course Overview: The Teach Online course spans four weeks and delves into the dynamics of
the online teaching and learning environment, focusing on the principles of online learning and
effective student engagement techniques. While the course does not aim to instruct on the
design of online courses, it provides a comprehensive overview from a student's viewpoint,
offering valuable insights into optimizing your online teaching strategies. Successful completion
of the course requirements earns participants a badge of achievement.

Completion of the MSU Teach Online course demonstrates a continued commitment to student 
success and instructional excellence and can also fulfill the annual evaluation requirement of full-time faculty to participate in at least two professional faculty development sessions (face-to-
face and/or virtual) on effective teaching strategies, student academic advising and curriculum

Registration Deadlines

Session Dates Registration Deadline
Session Summer Session 1 Dates June 10 - July 7 Registration Deadline May 24, 2024
Session Summer Session 2 Dates July 15 - August 9 Registration Deadline June 21, 2024
Session Fall Session Dates September 16 - October 12 Registration Deadline August 26, 2024

Registration Link

Click here to register for the MSU Teach Online Course. Space is limited to 25 participants per session.
Registration will close once the session reaches 25 participants, and there will not be a waitlist
for any session.

From this transformative learning experience faculty can expect to:

Understanding Online Learning Principles: Explore the fundamental principles of online
learning and discover how they shape your teaching approach in the virtual classroom.

Effective Student Engagement Techniques: Learn proven strategies for fostering meaningful
student engagement and creating dynamic learning experiences in the online setting.

Optimizing Online Teaching Strategies: While we won't focus on course design, our course
provides valuable insights from a student's perspective, allowing you to fine-tune your teaching
strategies for maximum impact.

Enhanced Pedagogical Skills: Develop a toolkit of practical techniques and resources to
enhance your online teaching effectiveness and promote student success.

Peer Collaboration and Support: Connect with fellow instructors in a supportive online
community where you can share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on best
practices in online teaching and learning.

Registering does not guarantee earning a badge; instructors must fulfill course requirements for
badge eligibility.

For more information or inquiries, please contact