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Morgan Online

Information for Faculty and Staff

Creating an Online Course

Morgan is a member of Maryland Online, and uses the Quality Matters rubric as a guide for course development.  Courses must meet Quality Matters standards by an internal review. To create an online course, faculty must perform the following steps:

  1. Schools and Departments determine what courses are to be developed for online. Verify with your department that the course that you are interested in developing online meets the objectives of your department.
  2. Verify that Morgan Online has funding to support your course development. (443) 885-4720.
  3. Obtain approval from your chair to develop the course. Have your chair contact Morgan Online to approve the course. (443) 885 4720
  4. Attend the developers courses. Online developers must attend the Quality Matters Applying the QM Rubric, Quality Matters Designing Your Online Course or Desinging Your Blended course and MSU Teach Online.
  5. Obtain the CANVAS Template for your new online course. Morgan uses CANVAS as the learning management system for all online courses.
  6. Design your online course using the CANVAS Template.

Becoming an Online Course Reviewer

Morgan uses Certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewers to perform internal QM reviews of its online courses. To become a reviewer, you must meet the Quality Matters requirements.  Morgan Online provides training and incentives for reviewers. Please contact for more information.