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Office of Financial Aid

Institutional Aid

Applying for Institutional Financial Assistance

Beginning with the Fall 2020 entering class, students entering Morgan State University in the fall semester as first-time, full-time degree-seeking freshmen will be automatically considered for the J.C. Bozeman Award (up to $2000 per year) and the Troy E. Quinn Award (up to $5000 per year). For best award consideration, applicants should submit a completed admission application by November 15. A completed application includes the application, official high school transcript, official standardized test score, essay and recommendations. For more information, go to Students applying after February 15 will be considered for both awards, pending funding availability. These awards are not available for spring admits.

Eligibility for Institutional Awards is based on academic credentials provided at the time of application for admission. Only students who enroll in the fall as full-time, degree-seeking students will be eligible.

Scholarship Acceptance

Students awarded full academic and/or athletic scholarships are not eligible to receive other MSU institutional awards. If multiple full awards are offered from separate MSU offices, programs, and/or committees, students will be required to select only one award offer.

Additional Funding

Students who are in need of additional funding should visit the Office of Financial Aid's scholarship page, Students may also apply for scholarships and grants through the University's AcademicWorks online application ( Students who receive the Bozeman, Quinn, or Jenkins awards are not eligible to receive the Special Assistance award through Academic Works, but may be eligible for other awards.

Award Payment and Financial Aid in Excess of Charges (Overawards)

Your total combined financial aid including academic/merit awards, academic grants and scholarships, University need-based awards, and all of your other aid from all sources (government, MSU, and private) cannot exceed your MSU Cost of Attendance budget.

If your total aid is comprised of all University funded awards and your total aid exceeds the cost of attendance your funding will be adjusted until your total aid falls within the cost of attendance.

If your total aid exceeds the cost of attendance, we will start by reducing your loans, then University funding, and finally any other outside funds until your total aid falls within the cost of attendance.

Please click for more information on Cost of Attendance.

Additional information on Overawards

Overawards are usually the result of the student receiving aid that the Financial Aid Office was not aware of when it completed the student's financial aid package and/or processed a loan application for the student. It is the student's responsibility to provide written documentation indicating additional resources to the Financial Aid Office. This should be done as soon as the student becomes aware that he or she will receive the aid. We must account for all sources of aid, even if they are not processed directly through our office.

Overawards can also result from application errors by the student or, occasionally, by the Financial Aid Office. Regardless of the reason for the overaward, we are bound by Federal regulation to correct the overaward, which may result in funds being returned to an aid program and a student owing the university money. Exceptions cannot be made for anyone.

Award Maintenance Requirements

For both the J. C. Bozeman Grant and the Troy E. Quinn Award, students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per semester (though 15 credits is strongly encouraged), and must maintain a cumulative gpa of 2.0. Awards will be given for up to 8 consecutive semesters (fall and spring only). Students eligible for federal aid must file FAFSA each year, including completing the verification process if required. For the J. C. Bozeman Grant, the award is for non-Maryland residents only and the amount of the award is subject to change annually based on EFC (expected family contribution).

Reviews for award renewals are completed each semester. Renewal appeals will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The University reserves the right to revise award packages at any time due to the receipt of additional information, verification, academic progress issues or human error. If changes to a student's financial aid package are required, a revised Award Notification from the Office of Financial Aid will be sent to the student's official MSU email address.