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Department of Chemistry



The NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program supports the retention and graduation of high-achieving students. 


The award will be up to $6000 a year based on need and renewable for years 2-4 if you maintain good academic standing.


The program is eligible for freshmen pursuing biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics degrees. The minimum GPA is 3.2/4.0, and four years of high school math and science. 

Program Services

In addition to receiving a scholarship, the S-STEM scholars will experience a holistic approach to persistence through building and maintaining self-efficacy and science identity while instilling the value of STEM careers in their home communities. Scholars will receive:

  • interdisciplinary chairperson mentoring
  • accelerated Math program
  • opportunity to engage in research experiences (including conference travel)
  • assistance with graduate/professional school applications 

NSF S-STEM activities will also feature a freshmen-year wellness program, a living-learning community, interdisciplinary experimental projects, professional development activities, and social events.


The application for Fall 2024 is due March 15, 2024.  

The AY 2024 -2025 S-STEM application for incoming freshmen is available. Visit our Apply page now for application requirements.  FUSE applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to apply to Morgan State University by the priority deadline of February 20.  The application deadline is March 15, 2024. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to submit their 2024-2025 FAFSA

Advertising Material

If you are a high school or other student-centered organization looking to advertise this program to your students, our program flyer is coming soon.


Fostering Undergraduate STEM Excellence

The goal of the Morgan FUSE program is to contribute to the national need for well-educated scientists, mathematicians, and technicians by supporting the retention and graduation of high-achieving students at Morgan State University. Our aim is that through our scholarship program we will address and increase the success of academically talented students in math, chemistry, physics, and biology disciplines and prepare them for STEM careers. We believe that excellence in STEM must be inclusive and embrace a diverse population and not rely solely on high GPAs. Our STEM excellent student is confident, has strong academic skills, research experience, involved in the science community, and progresses to a career in STEM. Jump to Application


  1. US Citizen
  2. Chemistry, mathematics, physics, or a biology major.

General Application Requirements

  • 3 letters of recommendation (2 from science and math teachers)
  • Personal Statement You must address the following:
    • Why did choose to pursue a science or math major?
    • Describe how you have prepared for a STEM career?
    • Why did you choose to attend Morgan State University?
    • What is your career goal beyond graduation from Morgan?

Academic Requirements

  • High School GPA - 3.2/4.0 (1st semester Morgan freshmen 3.0/4.0)
  • Math SAT 570/ACT 24
  • Four years of mathematics Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus
  • Four years of natural science


Prospective scholars must show demonstrated motivation in math and science. Examples include:

  • High school tutoring
  • Science internships
  • Membership in math in science clubs
  • STEM experiences outside courses

Community Involvement

The Application Committee weighs several factors in making its decisions. In addition to high school grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, and STEM motivation, the strength of the applicant's involvement in their community is also considered. Examples of community involvement include:

  • Leadership
  • Church Activities
  • Summer camp counselor
  • Activism


Spring 2024 Due: December 15, 2023
(Current Morgan Students)

Fall 2024 Due: March 15, 2024
(Current High School Students)

If you are a high school sophomore or junior planning to major in science or math, please consider applying to one of the high school summer programs in the Department of Math and Chemistry.


Program Coordinator:
Grace Nyambura, Program Coordinator

Office Location: Key Hall, G55
Phone: 443-885-4339


This scholarship is funded by the National Science Foundation under Award Number 2030608