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Department of Chemistry

ACS Chem Club

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Morgan State University's Chemistry Club is affiliated with the American Chemical Society and is open to anyone with an interest in Chemistry. The object of this Chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry at Morgan State University to become better acquainted with different fields involving chemistry, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a professional pride in chemistry.

Chemistry Club meets every 2-3 weeks with the goals of increasing friendship and support among chemistry majors (though all majors are welcome) and initiating chemistry activities, such as field trips, speakers, outreach to elementary schools, etc. outside the classroom.

During the 2019-2020 school year Chem Club had presentations by Ms. Tiana Jones of Johns Hopkins Hospital about careers in public health, Dr. Reginald Salter, DDS, about dentistry, Dr. Margaret Grow-Sadler about careers in chemical information, and Morgan alum Travis Clement about his career in pharmacy.

Chem Club presented medallions to graduating chemistry majors to wear with their graduation robes.

Chemistry Club offers a $200 Bookstore Credit Card to meritorious applicants. Check out the details under "Scholarships and Awards" at this website.

Chemistry Club subsidizes Student Membership in the national American Chemical Society by paying $10 of the membership fee ($29). If someone who is already an ACS member nominates you and you join, you receive a Periodic Table Blanket. See Dr. Hellwig for details.

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2020-2021 Chemistry Club Officers

President: Amber Robinson

Vice President: Dolapo Nurudeen

Secretary: Deidre Grogan

Faculty Advisor:
Louise Hellwig
Spencer Hall, Room 212
(443) 885-2085