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Department of Chemistry

Graduate Programs


The Master of Science in Integrated Sciences program offers interdisciplinary training in the area of cross-cutting biological, physical and mathematical sciences with three concentrations, biology, chemistry, and physics, and a professional track covering data analytics, science education, engineering, informatics, management, and statistics. Students will obtain greater in- depth preparation in one of these disciplines. The program offers both classroom and laboratory experiences and concludes with a master's thesis, aiming to prepare students for advanced studies toward a doctoral degree or a research career in industry and governmental agencies. The professional track will be offered for working professionals who desire to enrich their career in a list of disciplines: Data analytics, science education, engineering, informatics, management, and statistics.


The Ph.D. program in Bioenvironmental Science is a didactic and research driven program with participating faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, mathematics and Computer Science. The program resides within the Department of Biology within the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences and utilizes an integrated interdisciplinary approach that is designed to offer flexibility in areas of specialization and training to meet the changing Bioenvironmental needs of the nation and global community. The Ph.D. in Bioenvironmental Science offers research opportunities and instruction in five general areas of concentration: Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Science, Environmental Health Science and Environmental Biotechnology.