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Nick Miggans

Nick Miggans

Adjunct Faculty, Economics

Office: Behavioral and Social Science Center
Phone: 443-885-3438


B.A. Economics, Siena College 1971
M.A. Applied Economics, The American University, 1983
National Defense University, 1987
Teach On Line Course, Morgan State University 2014 (Quality Matters Approved)

Sales Representative, Richard D. Irwin 1974-1981

Senior Account Manager, McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. 1981-2013

1983-1987 Economics Principles, Essex Community College
1987-1988 Economics Principles, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1991-1992 Introduction to Business, Loyola College
1993-1996 Managerial Economics, Graduate Program in Economics and Finance, Florida Institute of Technology, Aberdeen Proving Ground Campus
2001-2004 Introduction to Business and Finance, College of Business and Management, Towson University
1986 - 2009 Economic Principles, Towson University; developed Blackboard Online Course for Econ 201 Microeconomic Principles and Taught That Course from 2004 - 2009
2006 -2008 Introduction to Business, Loyola College
2009-2016 Principles Of Economics Courses (Quality Matters Reviewed), Morgan State University