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business complex and jenkins hall

Department of Economics

The economics program seeks to provide first-class educational opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds

As a Social Science, Economics is a field of study that helps us understand the actions and behaviors of broad groups of actors in the world.  While the working of markets is of utmost importance to the field, students are exposed to a wide selection of tools to help interpret behavior in the broader world as well.  Graduates with degrees in Economics have worked in a wide range of fields, including: government, education, finance, public administration, and others.  A Morgan undergraduate Economics degree provides a strong foundation for entry to the job market or to pursue further student in a graduate program.  The Economics department offers both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Economics.  Students are able to tailor their program to their interests and are thus able to prepare themselves for a wide variety of post-graduation options.

The Economics Department also offers a minor for those students from other departments that wish to broaden their undergraduate experience while bolstering their knowledge of economics.  The minor allows students to prepare themselves for the business world or graduate work with a series of courses in economics while having a major in just about any other department at the university.