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Department of Computer Science

M.S. in Advanced Computing

M.S. in Advanced Computing (Online/Onsite)

The MS in Advanced Computing program preserves the core of Computer Science (CS) while possessing unique strength in emerging interdisciplinary areas in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cloud Computing. The program is delivered in both online and face-to-face formats. For online learning participates, students take ten courses and can complete the degree program in a 12-month period. Students can also choose to work on a project or conduct research and then write a thesis under the guidance of the CS faculty.

This new program is designed for students who have recently completed a bachelor's degree program in Computer Science or a related field and wish to enhance their career, explore research opportunities in Computer Science, and apply their acquired skills in multi-disciplinary teams or for specific focus. The program also meets the needs of students who are already in the workforce and wish to update or improve their knowledge of current computer science.

Curriculum of MS in Advanced Computing Program

  • Total credit hours: 30
  • Degree Options:
    • Course Only:    10 graduate courses: 4 core + 6 electives
    • Course+Project: 4 core + 5 electives + 1 project (3 credits)
    • Course+Thesis:  4 core + 4 electives + 1 research seminar (3 credits) + 1 thesis (3 credits)
  • Estimated time to complete: one year (12 months). It may need 16 months for thesis option.
  • Prerequisites/Admission requirements
    • Minimum GPA and application requirements of School of Graduate Studies
    • BS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or close related field
    • Assessment and approval by the program director or the department chair.
  • Core courses:
    • EEGR 580/COSC 551* Cybersecurity
    • COSC 502 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • EEGR 581/COSC 558* Network Security
    • COSC 504 Secure Cloud Computing
  • Elective Courses:
    • COSC 511: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • COSC 512: Software Engineering
    • COSC 513: Cloud Computing Applications
    • EEGR 583: Security Management
    • COSC 586 Quantum Cryptography
    • COSC 611: Big Data Analytics
    • COSC 612: Deep Learning in the Cloud
    • COSC 614: Cryptology and Cryptography
    • EEGR 679: Security in Network and Link Applications
    • INSS 696: Current Issues in Information Technology
    • PSYC 691: Human Factor and Behavior
  • Special and Culminating Courses:
    • COSC 690: Independent Study (3 credits)
    • COSC 691: Special Topics in Computer Science (3 credits)
    • COSC 692: Research Seminar (3 credits)
    • COSC 699: Master's Project (3 credits)
    • COSC 797/799: Thesis Guidance/ Thesis Defense 3/9*

Sample Degree Plan

Degree Fall Spring Summer Fall
MS (Course Only) 2 Core courses
2 Elective courses
2 Core courses
2 Elective courses
2 Elective courses ----
MS (Course+Project) 2 Core courses
2 Elective courses
2 Core courses
2 Elective courses

1 Elective course
1 Project (3 credits)

MS (Course+Thesis) 2 Core courses
2 Elective courses
2 Core courses
2 Elective courses
Research Seminar
(3 credits)
Thesis Guidance/Thesis
Defense (3 credits)

A suggested one year course sequence plan can be found here. A full list of the courses and descriptions can be found on the university's academic catalogs.

To apply, please visit School of Graduate Studies website. If you have questions, please contact the program director.

You are welcome to contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Eric Sakk, ( if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Inclusion and diversity is the core value for the CS department and Morgan State University. International students are warmly welcomed here. We will all benefit from your presence and your willingness to share your life, culture, and experiences with us.