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Department of Computer Science

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The department offers BS in Computer Science program with focus on software engineering, cybersecurity, AI/ML, data science, and game design. The department also offers BS in Cloud Computing program, MS in Advanced Computing program, and MS in Bioinformatics program. A Ph.D. in Advanced Computing program is being proposed and is expectecd to launch in Spring 2024.


The department no longer uses paper forms. The following forms can be filed directly online.

Computer Science Department Forms
COSC Course Registration Override Request Form [spring registration has ended].
COSC Internal Course Substitution Requests
          - Contact your adviser to submit the request for you.
          - Form location (faculty only): smart sheet  "banner - workflow - my processes - "course substitution"".
          - Core courses cannot be substituted. Requests for approcals are not always granted.

COSC Adviser/faculty Recommendation Request Form [Online]
COSC Action Conference Request Form [Online]

Form on Registrar Website []
Excess Credits (>18) Request Form
Change Catelog Request Form
Enrollment/Degree Verification Request Form
Time Confilct Request Form
and more...

Student Highlights

Highlights of students' achievements in academic, research, innovation, and internships.

Visit Student Highlights Page.

Check the most up-to-date activities on CS Twitter: @Morgan_CompSci


SACS (The Society of the Advancement of Computer Science) is a computer science club that was founded in 1964.

Visit SACS Page.


Your advisers should appear on your DegreeWork. You can also find your advisers here.

Internship Opportunities

The department has collaborations with Google, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, NASA, NSA, Lockheed Martin, and many other public and private organizations to provide internships and other opportunities for students.

Visit Internship Opportunities Page. For most up-to-date information, please check out on CS Twitter: @Morgan_CompSci


You can download the recent catalogs below. Please note that the catalog may be updated when necessary. Contact your academic adviser (see above) if you have questions.

2020 - 2022 Catalogs

2018-2019 Catalogs

2016-2017 Catelogs

  • 2016 (see whether a newer catalog is better for you use "whatif" in degreework. Or contact your adviser.)