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College of Interdisciplinary & Continuing Studies

Admitted Student Services

Confirm your Admissions Decision

Congratulations on your admission to Morgan State University! The first step to becoming a Morgan Bear is to accept your offer of admission by confirming your enrollment. Please move forward with confirming your enrollment by following these steps: 

  1. Log into the Morgan State Application system with your username and password used to Apply. (
  2. Once you are logged in, find the My Applications section and find the application for the academic term for which you have applied.  You will see a status of Action Required and will need to click on ‘View’ under the heading Action for that Application.
  3. On the next screen, click on the tab that says ‘Decision History’. 
  4. If you want to download your Decision Letter, click on ‘Download’ under the Decision Letter heading.
  5. To Accept/Deny your decision, click on ‘Respond Now’ under the Respond heading.
  6. Click on either ‘I Accept Admission’ or ‘I Decline Admission’.  You will see a pop up to verify your choice.  Click ‘OK’ if it is correct, or click ‘Cancel’ to change your response.
  7. You have now confirmed your Decision. 
Set up Morgan Email Account

Use your username, 8-digit student ID number, and initial password to set up your Morgan account using the password management tool. From the password management tool site, you'll be asked to provide a mobile phone number, set up challenge questions, and provide a non-Morgan email address. These pieces of information will be used to verify your identity when you subsequently manage your password. Review this document for step-by-step instructions on using the password management tool.

Your username is everything before the "@" symbol in your MSU email address. For example, the username for would be test01. Your MSU email address was included in your acceptance letter/email (students). Your username never changes, whereas your password expires annually.

Note: Students who are also employed at the university may be assigned a separate MSU employee account. The username format will be firstname.lastname (first name + period + last name). University business related to your job should be conducted using your MSU employee account.

Your 8-digit student ID number was provided in your acceptance letter/email (for students). Store this number someplace where you can easily access it or, better yet, memorize it! The Service Desk will not provide account management services without your ID number.

Your initial password is formatted as follows:

(first letter of your first name capitalized + the first letter of your last name in lowercase + your 8-digit student/employee ID number + two exclamation marks)


Name - John Doe

ID Number - 12345678

Initial Password = Jd12345678!!

If you experience an issue with the initial password format, try entering the initial password without the two exclamation marks.

NOTE: Your initial password must be changed to a passphrase using the password management tool before attempting to access any Morgan system or application.


The following is just an example. Do not use it as your passphrase!

Phrase - I love Morgan Bears

Passphase - IloveM0rganBe@rs

Next Steps