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various photos of music performances by students

Music Program

The Music program offers Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Music. Music majors earn a well-rounded degree allowing them to focus in careers such as performance and/or teaching. In addition to music courses, the curriculum includes classes in liberal arts and humanities in order to broaden the general knowledge of each music major. Students benefit from taking applied music lessons from a nationally known faculty. Programs are structured to allow for plenty of individual attention between student and instructor. Graduates of the Department of Fine Arts find careers in a multitude of professions including but not limited to teaching, performing, composing, marketing, arts management, publishing, church music directing, and sound recording.

stage of the Murphy Fine Arts Center's Gilliam Concert Hall

(stage POV of the Murphy Fine Arts Center's Gilliam Concert Hall)

The Music Program is located in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center (MFAC), which supports the departmental programs while bringing cultural events to the University and the northeast Baltimore community. The centerpiece of the Murphy Center is the James H. and Louise Hayley Gilliam Concert Hall (pictured above), with over 2,000 seats.

The MFAC houses three additional performance spaces along with the James E. Lewis Museum of Art. Morgan music majors have access to practice rooms each filled with an upright or grand piano preparing them for frequent performances in our world class venue AND competitive arts careers throughout the nation and internationally.


In the Music Program, Morgan currently offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Master of Arts Degree in music. The Music Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, as well as the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Of Morgan's nearly 10,000 students, about eighty-five (85) students are music majors and 300 are regularly enrolled in music courses through ensembles, lessons, and course work. The music faculty includes 6 full-time and 14 part-time faculty members.


  1. To provide quality undergraduate training in music, consisting of common courses obligatory to all degree candidates, with supplemental subjects which define the student's major area of specialization;
  2. To offer each student personalized career guidance and the opportunity to explore a variety of possible options;
  3. To provide all students the cultural and humanistic perspectives and skills common to the music professions;
  4. To cultivate a sensitive respect for all musical cultures and for the accomplishment of their outstanding practitioners;
  5. To stimulate self-reliance and encourage independent intellectual and artistic growth;
  6. To assist the graduates in securing employment within the profession;
  7. To identify and train those students of exceptional musical and scholastic talent for advanced study; and
  8. To contribute to the general cultural and educational aspirations of the campus and the community.


The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Music, with three separate concentrations for instrumentalists, keyboard players, and vocalists. The Music area is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music... Learn More about the Undergraduate Program


The Master of Arts in Music degree consists of a common core curriculu that includes Applied Lessons, Music Theory, and Music History along with a set of diverse and comprehensive courses to support students' specific area of interest... Learn More about the Graduate Program