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Civil and Environmental Engineering

MSU ASCE Chapter

Letter from the ASCE Chapter at MSU

To whom it may concern, 

On behalf of the Executive Board and the members of the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at MSU School of Engineering (MSU-ASCE), we would like to thank you in advance for your support and generosity. The MSU-ASCE chapter is a dedicated cohort of students striving to excel in the field of Civil Engineering. Our events, panels, initiatives, and colloquiums motivate members in their academic pursuits and aid them in developing vital skill sets that will serve them well both during their college careers and after. Through this proposal, we would like to present our organization, our notable achievements, our motivations, and our goals for the coming year. Most importantly, we would like to extend the opportunity for your company or organization to support MSU-ASCE in achieving our goals for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Last year, MSU-ASCE was awarded the Certificate of Commendation, a student chapter award from ASCE given for conducting outstanding activities, and contributing to the future of civil engineering. MSU-ASCE wants to maintain our tradition of excellence and we aim to improve our chapter to achieve higher goals and increase our offerings to students. 

From technical competitions such as Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe to leadership, professional and academic development events, by supporting our chapter, your company will have the opportunity to mentor our students and be engaged with the rising generation of eager and hardworking engineers with fresh and innovative ideas that advance and expand the civil engineering industry. 

Furthermore, your support will increase your opportunities for hiring well-rounded, professionally-focused individuals while being given greater exposure to our campus and its representatives. We look forward to establishing a strong relationship with your company. 

Additionally, MSU-ASCE is a non-profit organization, making all donations tax-deductible. Once again, thank you for your attention, time, consideration, and magnanimity. 


MSU-ASCE Chapter