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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Civil and Environment Engineering is now offering two Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Civil Engineering and one in Sustainable Urban Environmental Engineering.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering offers a comprehensive foundation in planning, design, and management of civil infrastructure and service systems. The curriculum covers specializations including environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, structural and transportation engineering. As a student, you'll prepare for a career in engineering, or for work in construction management or transportation.

The newly added Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Urban Environmental Engineering (SUEE) will provide a leadership role in Maryland’s economic and social development by preparing SUEE graduates to join a high-quality educated workforce in an area of national need. The development of a new bachelor’s degree in SUEE will contribute to meeting the strategic goals of the university by providing affordable, accessible, and pedagogically structured education and research programs. The formalized degree program will provide vital transformative STEM education and world-changing research opportunities for undergraduate students. The SUEE curriculum trains future engineers to apply their technical understanding to protecting human and environmental health in urban settings. Environmental impacts are a consequence of human development, activities, and the practice of every discipline of engineering. SUEE seeks to educate students across the various sub-disciplines of environmental engineering and will incorporate design, practices, and processes that are harmonious with the Earth’s ecosystems.

Click the links below for program information: 

Undergraduate Online Catalog (Civil Engineering, B.S.)

Undergraduate Online Catalog (Sustainable Urban Environmental Engineering, B.S.)

Our Civil Engineering Program is currently accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,