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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Capstone Projects

Civil engineering students at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Morgan State University must complete a capstone project (CEGR 492 and CEGR 493) as a graduation requirement. This course aims at keeping pace with the expectation of the profession and the society our graduates will serve and particularly, meet the standard of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, USA.

Working on Capstone Projects

The main objective is to enable students to experience real life engineering problem solving, design, team work, project execution and management. To satisfy program and accreditation requirements, the projects must have certain components such as problem definition, research, scheduling, solution analysis, design and communication of results. To better prepare students for their unique future roles as civil engineers in the industry and field, most capstone projects involve working with faculty, industry advisory board members, and civil engineers in the field. Project selection criteria include a mandatory design component, a reasonable project schedule, site visit, realistic stakeholder expectations and a good match with expertise of the faculty advisors. Multidisciplinary projects may include students from at least two engineering programs, or can include students and advisors from other programs.

Capstone Poster Presentation