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Department of Chemistry

Chem Club Book Scholarship

Chemistry Club awards $200 Morgan Bookstore Credit cards as meritorious applications are received.

Awardees must:
1) be Morgan State Chemistry majors or Morgan State Chemistry minors
2) be Members of the American Chemical Society*

Further consideration will be given to GPA and financial need.

To be considered, send your application by e-mail to, including your name, whether you are a Chemistry major or Chemistry minor, your ACS member number, your GPA, and evidence of your financial need.

*To join the American Chemical Society (ACS) contact Dr. Louise Hellwig. The cost is $29, but Chemistry Club will reimburse you $10. There's a Member-Get-A-Member program, so if a current member of the ACS nominates you and you join, you get a Periodic Table blanket as well! So, for $19 you become a member of ACS, are eligible to apply for a $200 Book Store Credit card, and get a Periodic Table blanket! What a deal!