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Maurice Iwunze

Dr. Maurice Iwunze

Professor, Chemistry

Office: Spencer Hall 310
Phone: (443) 885-3634


Ph.D. Baylor University, Waco, Texas 1979

M.S. West Texas State University, Canyon, Texas 1977

B.A. University of Dallas, Irving, Texas 1974

Research Interest:

Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis at solid electrodes, micelles, bicotinuous microemulsion, nanoemulsion, spectrochemistry (fluorescence and UV-Vis), application of spectroscopy for characterization of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy, sol-gel technology, liposome in biomedical application and permeability enhancers for dermatology.

Selected Publications (out of 59)

  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2022).  The Fluorescence Study of the quenching of Nanoemulsion by Protophyrin IX (PPIX)

  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2020).  Electrooxidation of Ferrocene in Nanoemulsion. J Chem. Chem. Eng.14, 37-48

  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2018) The photo-physical study of the interaction of  riboflavin with nicotine in bicontinuous microemulsion  Mediterranean J. Chemistry, 6(6), 267-275
  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2018) Interaction of curcumin with berberine hydrochloride in NanoemulsionMed. J. of Chemistry 6(6), 68-74
  • Maurice O. Iwunze ( 2017). The Determination of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Nanoemulsion,  J. of Materials and Engineering A 7(1-2), 19-24

  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2016). The Photo-physical interaction of riboflavin with nicotine in Bicontinuous Microemulsion e-Poster publication

  • Maurice O. Iwunze (2015) Enhancement of Curcumin Fluorescence by Ascorbic Acid in Bicontinuous Microemulsion,  Journal of fluorescence. DOI 10.1007/s10895-1569-2