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Center for Career Development

CCD Internship Stipend Program


The goal of the CCD Internship Stipend Program is to provide Morgan State University undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable experiential education without sacrificing needed income. CCD Internship Stipend funds offer monetary support for undergraduates who secure unpaid internship opportunities to investigate career options, further develop career-related skills, and link classroom learning to the world of work. These funds enable students to participate in career-related experiences, regardless of financial constraints.

The CCD Internship Stipend Program is a highly selective and competitive program that offers a limited number of scholarship stipends of up to $2,000 for the fall and spring semesters to students involved in a semester-long internship. Students participating in a full-time (20+ hours per week) summer internship may be eligible for a scholarship stipend in an amount of up to $3,000. Students will receive the stipend in two installments, one at the midpoint and the other at the completion of the internship. This stipend applies to non-paid internships that are career related. This is a non-tuition award that can be used for transportation costs and/or the purchase of professional attire, food, or other expenses associated with the experience including rent, telephone, utilities, etc.

The awards are made possible by the generous contributions of our Student Success Partners.


Applicants must electronically submit their application by the posted deadlines.  The link to the application is at the bottom of the page. Students are encouraged to utilize the services provided by the Center for Career Development to help them identify internships and prepare stipend applications.

Semester Application Deadlines: Award Notification
Summer May 31st June 15th
Fall August 31st September 15th
Spring January 15th January 30th

To be considered for a stipend, currently enrolled students must submit a complete application, including:

Application Form (link at the bottom) which includes:

  • Personal Statement (See FAQs for prompt)
  • Job description for internship
  • Internship verification letter on organization letterhead*
  • Resume showcasing prior work and/or volunteer experience and related coursework 

*Applicants will receive detailed instructions for submission of internship verification following the submission of the application


What counts as an internship for the purposes of this funding program?

Internships are supervised, structured work experiences that typically provide students or recent graduates practical exposure and learning opportunities in a specific field or industry.  Internships should facilitate individual students' career exploration, hands-on training, professional networking, transferable skill-building, and a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. Internships often complement or supplement academic pursuits, leadership experiences, or other interests. The primary goal of an internship is to provide participants with valuable skills, industry insights, and networking opportunities to enhance their future career prospects. At this time, we are defining internships broadly and would encourage students who are engaging in career-related, work-based learning to consider applying. Job-shadowing opportunities do not qualify for funding at this time.

Can I participate in a 2-week long internship and receive a stipend?

No, internships must be at least 8 weeks long at a minimum of 12 hours per week.

Do I have to receive academic credit in order to receive the stipend?

Stipends may be awarded for either credit or non-credit internships.

Is this only for students majoring in Business or STEM?

No, students from all undergraduate academic majors are eligible.

I’m participating in research on-campus this semester, may I apply for a stipend?

Unfortunately, stipends will not be awarded to students completing research on campus.

The internship site will provide funding to cover daily parking fees, may I apply for a stipend?

Internships that only cover expenses such as parking are still considered unpaid.  As such, you may still apply for the internship stipend.

I will not receive any form of payment for my internship until the last day, may I apply for a stipend?

If receiving an hourly wage or a lump sum payment, the internship is considered paid, and students cannot apply for a stipend.


Who is Eligible?

The awards are open to undergraduate Morgan State University First Year, Sophomore, and Junior class students. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 14 credit hours at Morgan State and must be returning to the University for the following semester. Seniors who are returning the following semester are eligible to apply.

I missed the application deadline. May I still apply?

We will continue to accept applicants on a rolling basis after the deadline [if funds are still available].  Please check our website, we will indicate whether we are no longer accepting applicants.

I don’t have an internship yet, can I still apply and tell you where I’m interning later?

Students must identify the unpaid internship by the application deadline.  Recipients of funding MUST confirm their internship within the provided timeline to receive funding, or the award will go to another applicant.

What is the prompt for the personal statement?

What do you hope to achieve by participating in an internship; include specific skills you hope to gain.

Why do you believe this internship site is a good place to acquire experience for your career goals? Describe the previous experiences that have led you to pursue this opportunity. These could include coursework, community service, employment, or personal experience. The selection committee wants to understand who you are and how this internship connects to your academic and career exploration.

Respond to the prompt in 1000 or fewer words; the committee will not read beyond the word limit.

I am a graduate student, can I apply?

At this time, only undergraduate students are eligible to apply. However, undergraduate students who are part of an accelerated (5-year) Master's program at MSU are eligible to apply. 

How can I make sure that my application is strong?

Applicants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible in their written answers. Outline your motivations for participating in the internship and how it relates to your academic and career goals. Let the selection committee know how this internship experience will positively impact your academic and career development and to what degree receiving funding would influence your ability to participate in the internship this semester.


I am a stipend recipient, how will this funding affect my taxes?

Please be aware that the stipend will be provided to you in two installments through a check. It is important to note that this award is considered taxable income. Unlike academic scholarships or other forms of assistance administered by the Office of Financial Aid, internship stipends are intentionally not directed to your student account for tuition and fees. Instead, they are meant to be utilized for relevant expenses such as transportation, professional attire, food, rent, and other costs associated with the internship experience.

If the total payments you receive amount to $600 or more within a calendar year, a 1099 form will be issued to you. The precise definition of the 1099-MISC form can be found on the website. If you have any further inquiries, we recommend consulting a tax professional to address your specific needs.

I am a stipend recipient, do I need to keep a record of the number of hours that I am interning?

Yes, stipend recipients are required to maintain a time log documenting the hours worked and key activities performed.  Click here to access the Internship Time Log.

I am a stipend recipient, do you have an example of a thank you letter?

You may view examples of Thank You Letters HEREPlease do not replicate the content.

I am a stipend recipient, when do I receive my first stipend installment?

Halfway through the internship, The Center for Career Development will make contact with both the intern and the site supervisor for a status update prior to releasing the first installment of funds.  Students will be required to submit their Internship Time Log, along with a completed W9 form.  Once received, it will be submitted for processing.  All stipend payments will be in the form of a check and mailed to the address listed on the application (unless you request to pick it up on campus).

Please note that checks may take 2-4 weeks from the date you submit your documents. Failure to meet deadlines or follow instructions will delay processing.

The Center for Career Development is not responsible for issuing checks, nor do we have any influence over the processing speed.

I am a stipend recipient, how do I receive the final disbursement of payment? What must I do after the internship is completed?

Upon completion of the internship, you must complete a reflection paper that includes a summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments, what you learned through the experience, and how the internship shaped your future academic and/or career goals.

I am a stipend recipient, what happens if I am unable to complete my internship?

If a student is unable to complete the internship they will agree to repay the entire amount provided by the CCD internship program. If the internship is canceled for reasons beyond their control, the remaining funds will not be distributed.


Can employers partner directly with the MSU Internship Stipend Program to pay interns?

No. This program is designed for students to apply directly for funding for an internship they have secured, and funding is not guaranteed to all applicants.

Employers recruiting at MSU are encouraged to adopt the best practice of providing equitable pay to student interns, which is often required by law. If you are an employer offering an unpaid or underpaid internship, you can still encourage MSU student applicants to apply for the Internship Stipend before the application deadline. However, your ability to hire them should not depend on whether they receive the internship stipend. If you would like to collaborate with MSU's Center for Career Development to recruit MSU student interns, develop an effective internship program, or participate in other career development opportunities and events, please contact us at

My intern received funding. What is my responsibility in this process?

As the site supervisor, you will receive an email from MSU as soon as your student intern is selected for an award and initiates the verification process via DocuSign. You will need to answer a few short questions about the internship.  If you, as the employer contact, fail to complete the verification part of the process, the student intern will not be able to receive funding.

In addition to providing supervision, students will maintain an activity log and record of hours.  At the completion of the internship, site supervisors will be required to complete an evaluation.

My organization is interested in providing funding to support this program, how can we make a contribution?

Programs such as these would not be possible without the generous support of our amazing sponsors.  We would love to add you to our list.  To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tasha Benn.

To simply make a direct contribution, click HERE.  Please select "other" for APPLY MY DONATION TO then indicate "Career Development" in the instruction box.

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