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Business Administration

Omar Khan

Dr. Omar Khan

Professor, Business Administration

Office: GSBM 662
Phone: 443-885-3641


Ph.D. Saint Louis University, 2006
M.B.A. Saint Louis University, 1994

Dr. Omar J. Khan is Professor of Marketing and International Business at the Earl Graves School of Business at Morgan State University. He is recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Award (2018-19), and has published academic research in leading marketing and international business journals (including the highly ranked International Marketing Review and Journal of Global Marketing). He earned his Ph.D. in International Business and Marketing from St. Louis University in 2006.

Dr. Khan's specialized streams of published research and consulting are (i) emerging markets and regionalization of firms/countries, (ii) knowledge/innovation management in international marketing, (iiii) cultural/societal polarization effects and (iii) global value chains. He has also published in online consumer behavior and nation branding. Dr. Khan was also Conference Co-Chair of the inaugural, international Africa-centric business academic conference held at Morgan, and subsequently organized and chairs an HBCU multi-conference panel developing and leading academic research about international business paradigms originating from within the African continent.

Dr. Khan teaches in the disciplines of Marketing and International business at all levels - undergraduate, graduate and doctoral. He has previously served as Interim Chairperson of the Department of Business Administration. Dr. Khan also serves as Faculty Advisor to the Morgan chapter of the American Marketing Association (recognized by the national AMA as Outstanding Faculty Advisor with 10+ years of service), and has been Chair of the school's Academic Planning Committee since 2013. He has led multiple student case competitions and business plan competitions (AMA, MEA and IEP), and currently chairs the university-wide effort to improve our business school's national ranking. Dr. Khan also hosts the school's research methodology (CARMA) programming every semester, and is the Administrator for our Qualtrics survey research software. He represented the school at the University Council for 3 years, and has served on many committees at department, school and university levels throughout his tenure here at Morgan. Dr, Khan was nominated by the School in 2017 for the Iva Jones Medallion Award - the University's highest honor for excellence as an academic, in all three areas of teaching, research and service.

Prior to joining Morgan, Dr. Khan taught at University of Maine and Saint Louis University. Dr. Khan was schooled in England, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States, travelling extensively around the world and becoming multilingual. He also has an M.B.A, and did his undergraduate work in Economics, Statistics and English Literature. His industry experience in multinational corporations is diverse - including banking, hotels & entertainment, and oil & gas energy. Away from academia, he enjoys writing poetry and short stories, and has a self-professed ongoing, unrequited love-affair with the sport of cricket.

Research Interests
Stream 1: Regionalization vs. globalization; nation branding; societal polarization effects
Stream 2: Innovation & tacit knowledge; emerging markets
Stream 3: Global supply chain; online consumer behavior

Recent Publications
Khan, O. J. (2017). Corporate Responsibility in Marketing Communications During a Polarized Cultural Environment. International Academy of Business Disciplines.
Jones, N. & Khan, O. J. (2009). Developing Communities of Practice for Effective Web-Based Distance Education. 2009 American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference.
Khan, O. J. (2009). The Effect of Societal Liberties on Market Freedom: A Structural Equation Model. 2009 International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing.
Taewon, S., Khan, O., & Bae, M. (2004). Experiential Knowledge of Multinational SMEs and their Perceived Attractiveness of Foreign Expansion: A Korean Context. 2004 American Marketing Association Educators Conference.
Khan, O. J. & Suh, T. (2003). The Effect of ICT Infrastructure and FDI Inflows on Exporting: A Comparison between Three Trade Blocs in Emerging Markets. 2003 American Marketing Association.
Suh, T. & Khan, O. J. (2002). Organizational and Motivational Influences on Creativity, Working Hard, and Performance: a case of Korean Marketing Practitioners. 2002 Academy of Marketing Science.
Khan, O. J. (2002). An Integrated Framework of Critical Factors in the Emergence of Market Economies. Southwest Review of International Business Research.
Khan, O. J. & Suh, T. (2002). Delineating between Emerging Markets, Transition Markets and Developed Markets: A Comparative Country-Level Mode. 2002 Midwest Academy of International Business