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Department of Business Administration

Qualities and Information


The BUAD department has 24 full-time faculty with 90 percent holding the highest academic degrees in their field from some of the best universities in the country. All have had considerable practical work experience in their area of specialization. Each remains up-to-date in his/her field through research endeavors and professional development programs.


Freshman and sophomore students receive advising from dedicated full-time advising specialists within the Graves School of Business and Management. In their junior year, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will guide the student to graduation (and often beyond). Advisors serve as mentors who help our students grow.


All efforts are made to keep class sizes small in order to facilitate maximum student-faculty interaction. This is especially true in our upper division courses where class size ranges from 15-25 students.


Computer application is an integral part of our program offerings. Ample computing facilities are available to students. The business school computer laboratories are equipped with adequate workstations and staff. Students have access to databases and software packages for class projects.


Prior to graduation, many qualifying students in the BUAD, MGMT, and MKTG majors participate in internship programs with businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. These student-on-the-job training programs are the best meansfor a student to relate classroom theory to practice. Some internships also assist students in meeting educational expenses.


Through the School's Bryson/Sawyer Lecture Series and the annual Leadership Day activities, students have opportunities to meet and interact and network with leaders of industry and government. The experience helps in the students' choice of careers.


The curriculum prepares students not only in the technical skills, but also in their communication skills, ability to work in teams, confidence, and willingness to accept responsibility. The placement record of our graduates is very competitive and improving year after year.