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Department of Business Administration


Business Administration

The Business Administration major is designed for those who want to become generalists in business management. Business persons, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, frequently "wear many hats." The Business Administration major will prepare you for life as an entrepreneur. Crucial factors involved in conceiving, initiating, and developing new ventures are examined. Preparation includes guest entrepreneurs, case studies, and written feasibility analyses of student-selected ventures. As management consultants, students develop their analytical, writing, speaking, and observation skills along with the confidence to become independent.


Our Marketing major offers excellent preparation for careers in areas such as promotion, distribution, research, sales, and the formulation of marketing policy. You think you have a great idea for a new product or service? Is there a need for it? Are there similar products or services already available? Will yours be better, faster, cheaper, or longer-lasting? How risky is proposed change in the way you market a product or service? How much will people pay for it? Competitor analysis, product development and differentiation, positioning, advertising, pricing, sales and distribution systems along with differentiation, positioning, advertising, pricing, sales and distribution systems - these are the areas of expertise of the marketing specialist.

Management (Human Resource Management)

The Management (Human Resource Management) major will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to recruit, train, hire, and develop human resources and develop & implement human resource strategies. Upon completion of this major, you will answer such questions as: How do you decide when it is time to hire new people? Should you promote someone within your company or bring someone from outside? How much salary should you offer? What steps can you take to encourage members of your staff to work together instead of competitively? How can you head off employee burnout? What incentives should you offer to improve productivity? What if your employees are considering unionization?


Want to build a business? Like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Michael Seibel (Y Combinator), Janice Bryant Howard (Act 1 Group), or Steve Jobs (Apple). Want to be your own boss? Like Sean "diddy" Combs (Combs Enterprises), Daymond John (Fubu), or Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX). Then majoring in entrepreneurship may be right for you.

Today organizations need leaders who know how to innovate...who know how to lead teams to create value, whether in a start-up, corporate, or non-profit environment. Learn the skills you need to be successful as a leader, an innovator, and an entrepreneur.

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management Program is under the Department of Business Administration in the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management, Morgan State University. We are located in the harbor city of Baltimore, Maryland. The city is the home of the Orioles baseball and the Ravens football teams. It is the most exciting and largest hospitality hubs in the state, characterized by its distinct neighborhoods and historical flavor.


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Masters Program

The AACSB accredited, Morgan MBA Program, established in 1969, is a two-year program consisting of nine (9) core courses and three (3) electives (36 credits total), which would determine your specialization, i.e. accounting, finance, project management, supply chain management, marketing, etc.

The Ph.D Program

The Ph.D. program prepares graduates for careers in research, teaching, and consulting in various functional areas of business. Graduates of the program are expected to make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge of business practices through research and consulting, and to disseminate such knowledge through their teaching.