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Business Administration

Darlington Richards

Dr. Darlington Richards

Professor , Business Administration

Office: GSBM 650
Phone: 443-885-3439


Ph.D. Sheffield H. University - Management, 2002
LL.M. University of Baltimore - Taxation, 1991
BL Nigerian Law School - Law, 1982
LL.B. (Hons) University of Jos - Law, 1981

Darlington Richards, PhD, is a Full Professor of Management and International Business in the Earl Graves School of Business and Management, Morgan State University. His background is in Law and Management. Dr. Richards, who had also taught at the University of Baltimore, is a Visiting Professor at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). He serves as both a Fellow and Consultant to the International Dispute Resolution Institute. He served as Gorge Washington University-CIBER Research Fellow for over two years. He is also an External PhD. Examiner at University of Stellenbosch. Dr. Richards has served as Interim Director of both the MBA and PhD. Programs.

Dr. Richards graduated from Law Schools at both the University of Jos and the Nigerian Law School, has a Master of Laws Degree (Taxation) from the University of Baltimore, and PhD in Management from Sheffield H. University's School of Business and Finance, United Kingdom.

Dr. Richards teaches graduate and undergraduate classes, in areas of International Business, Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, and Law.

His research interests include Privatization and Market Deregulation, Market Reform and Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Law Reform for Emerging Economies and Ethics. He has published extensively in these areas, in several refereed journals and book chapters. He is a Reviewer for a number of Publishers and refereed Journals, including Thomson, McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall, the Baltic Journal of Management, International Management Development Association, Thunderbird International Business Review and International Academy of African Business and Development. He has also presented at various International and national conferences, seminars and workshops, where he has chaired tracks/sessions.

Research Interests
Change Management
Privatization and Market Deregulation in Emerging Economies
Tax Policy and Entrepreneurship

Recent Publications:

Alolayan, A. A. & Richards, D. C. (2015). Internationalization of Chemical MNE Corporation: A case from Saudi Arabian Corporation "SABIC". International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Conference.
Ekwulugo, F. & Richards, D. (2015). Market Orientation of Black Ethnic Minority hairdressers in London. Academy of Business and Retail Management..
Richards, C. D. (2014). NEPAD: Failure of Articulation and Ineffective Market-based Integration and SMEs Development in Africa. Academy of Business and Retail Management..
Ellis, C. & Richards, D. C. (in press, 2014). Imitative versus Initiating Firms: The Role of Social Climate in Mode of Entry. Eastern Academy of Management Meeting.
Javadian, G., Richards, D. C., & Duggan, V. (in press, 2013). Examining the Factors Impacting Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms Owned by Iranian Women. Eastern Academy of Management.
Javadian, G., Richards, D., & Duggan, V. (2013). Examining the factors impacting internationalization of entrepreneurial firms owned by women,. Eastern Academy of Management.
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Richards, C. D. (2005). Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution and Foreign Direct Investment: Evolving A Functional Synergy for the Market and Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa.. In Chudi Amasike. (Ed.), Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa (pp. 265-277). Abuja, Nigeria: Infovision ISBN 978-066-219-7.
Richards, C. D., Nwanna, G., & Ukpong, L. (2003). Savings Mobilization in the Rural Sector: Strategic Options for Developing Countries. In Nwankwo (Ed.), Dimensions of African Business and Development (pp. 243-263). Sheffield, U.K.: Sheffield University Press ISBN 086339 973 8.
Richards, C. D. (2002). The Military Factor in Marketing Management in Sub-Sahara Africa. In Nwankwo and Aiyeko (Eds.), Dynamics of Marketing in African Nations (pp. 139-156). United States of America: Quorum Books ISBN 1-56720-399-X.