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The Office of Residence Life & Housing

Morgan MILE

The Morgan Male Initiative on Leadership and Excellence (MILE) was founded by Dr. Jason De'Souza in 2003 at Morgan State University. In 2008, the program was adopted by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, under the leadership of Dr. Douglas F. Gwynn. Since 2008, the program continues to thrive as its participants are succeeding academically and personally.

The Morgan MILE was created to support and guide African American males in their pursuit of personal and academic success. The mission of the Morgan MILE is to enhance the graduation and retention rates for Morgan State University’s male population through academics, enrichment, and encouragement.  The core values of the Morgan MILE are:

  • Self Affirmation
  • Academic Achievement
  • Graduation
  • Exploration and Exposure
  • Civic Responsibility and Teamwork
  • Leadership and Excellence

Core Values

The Morgan Male Initiative on Leadership & Excellence (MILE) is an Office of Residence Life and Housing program that seeks to enhance the quality of student life and engagement for male students at Morgan State University. The "MILE" provides students with a wealth of academic support services and social engagement opportunities to create a healthy and holistic campus experience.

We believe that a student's academic performance is affected not only by their self-determination, but also by several external factors (e.g. adjustment and transition to university life, socioeconomic status, academic preparedness, self-esteem, familial involvement, etc.). Our research shows that black males oftentimes experience greater difficulty in making the transition from high school to college as well as matriculating towards graduation as compared to their female counterparts. The Morgan MILE seeks to ameliorate these difficulties through offering programs and opportunities that educate, inspire, and connect students with individuals who are motivated towards high personal and academic success. From these experiences, we hope to increase the academic success and graduation rates of Morgan's male population, improve students' perceptions of their self-efficacy and potential, and provide them with appropriate leadership development skills that will assist them in their future career pursuits.


The core value of the Morgan MILE is to encourage high academic achievement, leadership, and character development. We envision leadership as a level of maturity where a student assumes responsibility for his academic success and personal conduct and motivates their peers through their actions.

  1. We value student voices and we encourage critical thinking and dialogue.
  2. We foster an atmosphere of brotherhood and camaraderie.
  3. We value diverse ideas, thoughts, and experiences that broaden the perception of ourselves and our world.
  4. We believe that our personal academic success is connected to the success of our communities and world.


"Learn Together, Lead Together, Graduate Together"

Membership & Participation

Morgan MILE membership is open to all male students at Morgan State University. Students interested in joining the Morgan MILE must complete a membership application. Active membership is described as having attended at least three (3) events.

After completing the Morgan MILE application, please save it and email it  or your may print it and bring it to Rawlings 128.

Meeting Structure

The Morgan MILE meets every first week of the month as outlined by the calendar of events. At the end of the month, students will participate in a field trip and reinforces the theme of the given month.

General Body Meetings. The General body meetings will be a monthly gathering of all Morgan MILE members During each meeting, the MILE participants will learn of all announcements and other opportunities. General Body meetings may feature either a panel discussion, guest speaker, film, or other creative format. These meetings will help build students' communication skills, community, and mutual support.

Excursions. There should be a minimum of four excursions each semester. The off-site excursions are intended to extend the students' learning opportunities outside of the formal classroom setting. Excursion Calendars should reflect the following:

Educational Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. participates in a educationally based excursion.

Exploratory Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. participates in a fun-relaxing excursion.

Executive Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. goes to represent the University during state or federal policy-making event.

Exclusive Excursion. The Morgan M.I.L.E. hosts an excursion that is exclusive to Morgan State University.

Expressive Excursion. The Morgan Mile participates in some form of community service.