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E.V.O.L.V.E. - Elevating Voices of Leadership Virtue and Excellence


Morgan EVOLVE is a leadership development and mentoring program that was created by and for students. Morgan EVOLVE was founded by Georgina Coker and Erin Roberts in 2014.  The mission of Morgan EVOLVE is to empower the women of Morgan State University to be effective leaders who have a sense of purpose, a healthy sense of self and an appreciation for their identity.


EVOLVE programming focuses on four core values, referred to as the Four Pillars. These are:

WOMANHOOD: Ladies of EVOLVE display a balance of strength and sensitivity and a commitment to moral and ethical behavior. We are supportive of other women, our sisters. We love others. We are kind, we are wise and we are confident.

PROFESSIONALISM: Ladies of EVOLVE are skillful and display good judgment, a solid work ethic and we lead with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

CIVILITY: Ladies of EVOLVE are courteous and polite in our behavior and speech.

SERVICE: Ladies of EVOLVE choose to be servants first. We lead through service and by example. We care about the growth and wellbeing of others.

How EVOLVE Works

EVOLVE is designed to be a 3 year experience for students, moving from EVOLVE Scholars (Year 1) to EVOLVE Mentors (Year 2) and Core Council Members (Year 2/3) .

Each academic year 20 - 25 applicants are accepted to join EVOLVE. These students are paired with EVOLVE peer mentors and commit to participating in approximatelty 5 hours of EVOLVE programming each month (2 - 3 programs/month).

Students who consistently participate in EVOLVE programs are expected to demonstrate the following outcomes:

     1.  Achieve an understanding of and a commitment to EVOLVE's Four Pillars
     2.  Effective communication and conflict resolution skills
     3.  Demonstrate conduct that is civil, professional and ethical
     4.  Develop an understanding of their personal leadership style and how to lead with integrity
     5.  Develop the ability to serve effectively in leadership roles both on and off campus

So, are you ready to EVOLVE? Click here to join the EVOLVE family!

Your success is our #1 priority!

EVOLVE co-founders @ Graduation

EVOLVE co-founders Georgina Coker and Erin Roberts
(Both founders are Alumni's of Morgan State University)

Contact Us

Academic Enrichment Program
Main Office:  Rawlings 128-B
Phone: 443.885.4452
Fax: 443.885.8323

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Facebook: MSU EVOLVE
Twitter: @MSU_Evolve
Instagram: @MSUEvolve