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Higher Education & Student Affairs

Benjamin Welsh

Dr. Benjamin Welsh

Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Higher Education, Higher Education & Student Affairs

Office: Banneker 315A
Phone: (443) 885-3748


B.A. English Literature,  University of Pennsylvania 

M.S. Secondary Education,  English,  University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D., Education, Culture and  Society,  University of  Pennsylvania

Dr. Welsh joined the faculty of Advanced Studies, Leadership, and Policy in the spring of 2009. Prior to that, he served as associate professor of teacher education at Alfred University and Keuka College and assistant professor of educational foundations at Ball State University. Related positions that he has held include remedial English instructor at the Community College of Philadelphia, English teacher at Bartram High School in Philadelphia, and ACT Coordinator at the Philadelphia Job Corps Center. His dissertation focused on the research methods of the early educational researchers who were part of Stanford University's founding faculty. What he uncovered was the racist and sexist ideology that appears to be at the heart the American public school system. Other teaching and research interests include white studies, multicultural education, the history of education, analytic philosophy of education, and the long term impact of social Darwinism on our public schools.

Research Interests:  

History of education;  Eugenics in education;  Critical White Studies; Critical theory; Diversity and Multiculturalism;  Writing, Scholarship and  Identity; American Culture

Selected Publications:  

Sekayi, D., Ellington, R., Welsh, B., Shockley,  K. (2021). The Role of intellectual humility in  dissertation completion. Teachers College Record,  Date Published: August 20, 2021 ID Number: 23818 

Welsh, B., Ellington, R., Shockley, K., & Prime,  G. (2020). Scholar Transformation Theory:  Empowering Students to Get the Job Done  Write. ERIC (online submission). URL: