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Department of World Languages & International Studies

Welcome to the World Languages Lab

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The World Language Lab is part of the Department of World Languages and International Studies and seeks to implement the foreign language requirement and curriculum at Morgan State University.

 We facilitate language acquisition skills and practices through interactive electronic assignments designed to help students interact with a native speaker at a level appropriate for each course. Here you can also complete Placement and Proficiency exams in all languages and at all levels.

 With our interactive computer programs equipped with audio and video materials we assist students in improving their grammar, listening, speaking and writing skills as well as in successfully completing academic assignments to pursue the study and implementation of all the languages taught at Morgan State University, as well as for applying what they learn for their future professional careers.


We recently remodeled and reconfigured the lab and we are currently equipped with the following stations:

  1. IMAC STATION for digital projects for all language classes (i.e., iMovies, music and film editing videos, etc.)
  2. VIRTUAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE STATION between MSU Spanish students with students in Colombia (Program created by Dr. Gonzalo Baptista)
  3. TUTORING STATION for Spanish language students; moderated by Spanish student minor Alyssa Wright (Under the supervision of Dr. Megan DeVirgilis)
  4. VIRTUAL REALITY STATION equipped with VR program immerseMe for MSU students enrolled in Italian 101 (Moderated by Dr. Nicolino Applauso)


  • 12 Dell OptiPlex All-in-One (Plus 7410); 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700; 32 GB Memory with Windows 11 Pro
  • 2 IMAC 24" BLUE/8C CPU/8C GPU; M1 chip with 8C CPU and 8C GPU 16GB Memory with Windows 11
  • 3 Logitech Blue Yeti Game Treaming USB Condenser Microphone Kit with Blue Voice for Podcast
  • 11 SANS SHS-100 headphones
  • 2 Meta Quest 2 Advanced-All-In-One Virtual Reality Headsets for VR assignment projects
  • Crestron 65" 4K LG Interactive Display Ultra Thin 7mm Bezel -Mobile Stand - Android 9.0 OS Windows Compatible Wireless Screen Mirroring-Built In Camera and Microphone
  • 2 adjustable rolling laptop desks with wheels pneumatic sit to stand tables
  • 2 tables and 4 couches for collaborative study and tutoring sessions


We are located in the Basement of the historic Holmes Hall in Room G03 and we are open at the following hours:

Every Friday we have FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS! 

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My name is Kaiya Milburn! I’m a Junior here at Morgan State majoring in Sociology. I am interested in Human Resources or Program management for my future career goals. I went to CCBC in the Fall of 2020 and transferred to Morgan in the Spring of 2021. I studed Elementary Swahili 101 and 102 as my foreign language courses with Dr. Matunda! I enjoyed learning Swahili and something that stood out to me is the connection to African culture. Learning a new language can be challenging but the best thing about it is that you get to learn about the culture, their way of speaking, and gaining lifelong knowledge within the specific language. Working in the lab is a great experience, I love to meet and help different people, learning new things, and also assisting around the lab. Happy to be a part of the team!



My name is Sanaa Lucas. I am a junior sociology major at Morgan State University. I am from the Bronx, New York. I took Italian 101 and 102 courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My main academic interests are sociology and criminal justice because I am interested in dissecting the failures in the criminal justice system. I chose to take Italian because it was a different language to learn rather than one of the top languages in the United States. As a person of color, society sets certain limitations on me, such as education, so adapting to another language is essential. My experience in taking Italian courses has been excellent. I have learned so much about Italian culture from Professor Applauso. The Italian course invites students to adapt to a new perspective, and I enjoy the challenge. I love working in the lab because I get to network with different Morgan students and talk about languages.



Hi, my name is Taniya Williams and I am from New Jersey. I have been attending Morgan State University for 3 years now. I am currently a Junior with a Biology major and a Chemistry minor. The language that I studied while being here was Spanish, which I took with Dr. Baptista and Dr. DeVirgilis. I like that all languages are unique. When taking a language, I think students should know that you must put the time and effort in daily. I work in the language lab, which has been a great experience for me. I love that I get to interact and help others because I am a very caring person. After graduating from Morgan State University I plan on going to medical school.


My name is Iyanna Chambers. I am a freshman psychology major here at Morgan State University from Wisconsin. I am interested in the field of child psychology, and my primary career objective is to become a therapist specializing in the well-being and mental health of children. In addition to my psychology studies, I have completed Spanish 101 and 102 in Wisconson. The experience of learning a new language was not only enjoyable but also enlightening, especially in understanding the cultural aspects of the language. I believe that dedicating effort and staying on top of the coursework are essential for success in language courses. Working in the lab has further enhanced my academic journey at Morgan State University. It is a great experience, the environment is very welcoming. I enjoy interacting and helping other students. 





My name is Dara Sennaar. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland and I am currently a senior at Morgan State University. My major is Business Administration and my minors are WGS Studies and French. I have studied French for 15 years. I am currently studying French as well. Learning a language allows you to understand others better. Understanding and open communication foster safe spaces, peace, and harmony. (At least this is true theoretically). Students should know that studying a language takes commitment, but it doesn't have to be strenuous, extremely hard, or boring. Working as a tutor allows me to help other students in the Morgan community. I appreciate being part of Morgan's efforts to help students be better than when they first came to the university. Being a tutor helps because it allows me to practice and enhance my own language skills. After graduation, I will enter the workforce and eventually consider continuing in higher education. 



My name is Alyssa Wright. I am from Prince George's County, Maryland. My major is Applied Liberal Studies and my minor is Spanish. I have been studying Spanish at MSU for about 3 years now because language is a real passion of mine and Spanish is the second most spoken language in this country/ fourth most spoken in the world. In my opinion, there is no reason why anyone who could, shouldn't learn it. The thing I like the most about studying Spanish is learning the peoples and cultures that go with it. Spanish is far more than a language and its speakers are far from a monolith so seeing the humanity behind the language is amazingly gratifying. The things that I like most about tutoring Spanish are the encouragement that it gives new learners and the reinforcement it provides me and my language skills.



My name is Sanaa Lucas. I am a junior sociology major at Morgan State University. I am from the Bronx, New York and I am also the lab assistant here at the lab. During this semester I assist any students in need from any Italian beginning class.

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Ayanna Nelson
I am Ayanna Nelson and I am a junior Sociology major from The Bronx, New York. I have attended Morgan State University for 3 years and I have taken Spanish with Professor Baptista for 2 semesters. After Morgan I would like to go to Law School and become a criminal defense lawyer. I think it’s very important to learn different languages so that you won't be limited and can be able to travel the world. When learning a language I think it’s important to study in small increments everyday so that your brain can grasp and understand. Learning another language can be challenging; you just have to put in the time and effort.
Cynthia Olds
Hello, I'm Cynthia Olds! I'm a senior at Morgan State University majoring in political science with a minor in history. I'm currently studying elementary Spanish. I love learning different languages because I get immersed in a new and exciting culture! I love working in the language lab the most and communicating with other students learning various languages. After graduating from Morgan, I plan to go to law school.


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