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Department of World Languages & International Studies

Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Minor

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Contact LLACS Director: Megan DeVirgilis

Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Minor - LLACS

The Minor in Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies is open to all Morgan State University students regardless of their majors. The minor contributes to the inter-nationalization of the curriculum, strengthens the liberal arts curriculum and globalizes students' worldview. It is of interest not only to students who plan to pursue careers in international studies, diplomacy, international business, international development, public health, sociology, communication studies, education, library science, engineering, and history, but also to students seeking to enrich their perspective in this age of globalization.

Students pursuing a minor in Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies must complete the following requirements:

Required Courses
The following three courses are required for all LLACS minors (9 credits total). The two language courses must be in the same language.

LACS 200 - Introduction to Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies
SPAN, FREN, or PORT  2xx or > Foreign Language - 3 credits
SPAN, FREN, or PORT  2xx or > Foreign Language - 3 credits

3 additional courses with Latinx, Latin American or Caribbean content from at least two different disciplines. (9 credits total)

Pre-approved courses include:

ARCH 417 - Latin American Housing - 3 credits

English and Language Arts
ENG 346 - lntroduction to Caribbean Literature
ENG 393 - Studies in Folklore

History and Geography
GEOG 200 - Geography of the Americas - 3 credits
HIST 280 - History of the Caribbean - 3 credits
HIST 381 - Latin America/Caribbean to 1823 - 3 credits
HIST 382 - Latin America/Caribbean since 1823 - 3 credits

Philosophy and Religious Studies
PHIL 366 - Latin American Philosophy - 3 credits

World Languages and International Studies
FREN 322 - Francophone Caribbean Literature-3 credits
LACS 302/Span 413 - Latin Amer. Society Through Film and Literature - 3 credits
PORT 207 - Brazilian Cinema - 3 credits
SPAN 305 - Latin American Literature I - 3 credits
SPAN 306 - Latin American Literature II - 3 credits
SPAN 318 - Spanish Civilization II - 3 credits

Courses that are not on this list but that focus on Latinx, Latin American and Caribbean Studies may be counted toward the minor on a case by case basis when approved by the program coordinators. These may include "topics" courses, or may be courses that are sometimes, but not always, taught with a LLACS focus. Such courses have been offered, for example, in Political Science, in Psychology, in Religious Studies, and in Sociology.

Students studying abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean are strongly encouraged to go over their curriculum with the program coordinators to see if their courses may count towards the minor.

Total 18 Credits