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University Writing Center

Scheduling an Appointment

The Writing Center is providing only online tutorials until on-campus instruction resumes. Email us at to schedule an appointment.

The Writing Center is staffed with trained MSU students who will assist you with your work during a one-on-one consultation.

  1. How do I schedule an appointment for a consultation?
    You may schedule a consultation with one of our trained tutors by emailing When requesting a consultation, please email the following information: name, reason for visit, and two possible dates/times that you are able to meet. Please email from your MSU account as we are only able to assist registered MSU students. 
  1. When should I schedule an appointment for a consultation?
    It is best to schedule your appointment 2-3 days before your assignment’s deadline so that you have time before your assignment is due to reflect on the issues discussed during the consultation.
  1. How long is a consultation?
    Consultations may last for up to 45 minutes. If you are a student working on a PhD dissertation, or a Master's thesis / final project, you may request a one hour consultation with one of our Writing Fellows.
  1. What should I bring to the consultation?
    Please bring with you two copies of the work that you would like to discuss with the tutor. Both the tutor and you need to have a copy of your work. Please print your work out before the consultation commences. Please also bring a copy of the assignment prompt given to you by your instructor. Unfortunately, we are unable to print out any work for you.
  1. Is there anything else that I should bring to the consultation?
    You may wish to bring with you some notes about what it is that you would like to discuss with the tutor. If you have textbooks, class notes, free writing, and/or peer review comments that are connected to the assignment, you may bring them as well.
  1. What is a Tutoring Report?
    At the close of each consultation, the tutor will complete a tutoring report about the issues that you discussed during your consultation. If you would like a copy of the tutoring report to give to your instructor, please request it before you leave. Tutoring reports cannot be given to students if they did not schedule a consultation with a tutor.