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Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides its students the opportunity to apply mathematical and physical concepts to engineering problems early in the curriculum, through laboratory and design experiences. The Department has been following the philosophy of design across the curriculum for some time. In addition to the strong design experience integrated throughout the required courses, the electives offer students the opportunity to enhance their skills with additional open-ended problem-solving. These problems are broad-based, incorporating knowledge from specialty areas of communications systems, signal processing, microwave systems, solid-state electronics, controls and automation, power, computer engineering, and cybersecurity. The computer engineering and cybersecurity emphases are special components of the electrical engineering (EE) program, where the Department offers a concentration in these areas within its EE program. This expands and rounds out the program by providing the necessary tools to meet the demands of the information age.

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ECE Faculty and Staff

Dr. Michael Spencer

Interim Department Chair, Professor

Dr. Deanna Bailey


Dr. Getachew Befekadu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Cliston L. Cole

Graduate Program Director,Assistant Professor

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