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Mitchell School of Engineering

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

General Requirements

All candidates who seek to earn the Master of Engineering degree will be required to complete one of the three options identified below:

Masters Option

Core Courses



Project Report

9 credits

18 credits

Project Report:  XEGR/TRSP 795 (3)


9 credits

18 credits

Thesis:  XEGR/TRSP 799 (3)

Course Only

9 credits

21 credits


Each student will select one of the three options in collaboration with a faculty advisor. All departments may not offer all of these options. At the time of application, the School of Engineering will notify students of the available options.

Program of Study (30 credits)

Core Courses 9 credits

A core requirement of three interdisciplinary courses (9 credit hours) will be required of all students entering at the master’s level. These courses are carefully designed and coordinated to stress the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter. The content serves as the philosophical foundation on which all other materials tailored for a specific student are based. The courses are as follows:

Elective Courses 

On top of the 9 credits of the core requirements, students in the M.Eng. program will be required to take 21 additional elective credits with the following options:

Course-Only Option

Students in the course-only option will take 21 credits of their choice

Project Option

Students electing to take the project option will be required to take 18 elective credits and a 3-credit project report course

Thesis Option

Students electing to do a thesis option will be required to take 18 elective credits and a 3-credit thesis report course