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Office of Public Relations & Strategic Communications


The overall goal of the social media strategy is driving awareness and engagement among Morgan State University students, faculty, staff and alumni. The purpose of promoting and sharing news about MSU is to build the brand while engaging the community. Students, faculty and staff are all encouraged to share public information (new articles, press releases, etc.) with their own social media community. Sharing non-public information (proprietary details, personal records, medical records, etc.) is highly discouraged as it puts the university at risk.


- Request for postings:  Requests for postings should be made to Postings can be events, accolades, articles, etc. Please be advised that a request for posting does not guarantee the item will be posted.

- Be responsible:  Think before you post. There is no such thing as privacy on social media. In the age of screenshots, posts can live forever on the Internet even after they have been deleted. Be mindful of the content you publish.

- Use spell check before posting. Once you've done that, check it again.

- Correct mistakes. Facebook and Instagram allow for the editing of posts without deletion. Twitter does not offer the option to edit. Try typing posts in Microsoft Word, Notepad or another word processing program to check for length, clarity, spelling, context, etc.

- If you are unsure about the content or context of a post, ask the opinion of a colleague or email

- Avoid the use of profanity and other derogatory language.

- Avoid arguing with detractors in the space. There may be times you are required to gently correct facts or provide more information on a post. However, being too persistent about correcting someone can come off as being defensive.

- Check mentions and other notifications daily - in some cases hourly. Monitor what is being said about your page and Morgan State as a whole.

- Focus on the positive. Do NOT share or re-tweet negative comments and mentions.

- Always be correct - politically, religiously, etc. Be sensitive to the myriad of beliefs of followers and fans.