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School of Graduate Studies

SGS Online Student Forms

Students may access the following School of Graduate Studies forms by clicking HERE:

  • Appeal / Grievance
    • The Appeal/Grievance form is intended to ensure that students receive fair treatment in both curricular and co-curricular learning environments. The University has procedures for action on specific issues such as race discrimination, sex discrimination, academic and non-academic misconduct, and sexual harassment and such appeals should not be considered with this form. The form you are requesting applies only to grade appeals and other situations involving program requirements, plans of study, program dismissal, qualifying or comprehensive examination procedures, and thesis and dissertation defenses as well as matters pertaining to the roles, responsibilities, and sanctions against graduate assistants. Only procedural issues are considered appealable. Appeals must be based upon school, department, or program failure to adhere to their published rules and regulations or the published rules and regulations of the School of Graduate Studies or University.

  • Course Substitution for Curricular Completion
    • The Course Substitution form is to be used when the student has taken a very similar course in past educational endeavors and wishes to substitute another course in its place as part of the student's overall plan of study within he program. The student should be prepared to provide evidence of course similarity or content mastery as the basis of substituting another course.

  • Deferral of Initial Admission
    • The Deferral of Initial Admission form is designed for students who have NOT ever registered for course at Morgan State University and wish to defer their admission for 1 or 2 semesters. If a student has registered and dropped the courses, the student is no longer eligible to seek a Deferral and must seek a Leave of Absence instead. Deferrals may be sought for no more than 1 academic year (or 2 semesters). Failure to matriculate after the maximum deferral will result in the need to reapply to the desired program again.

  • Extension of the 5- or 7-Year Statute of Limitations to Study within the School of Graduate Studies
    • The Extension of the Statute of Limitations form is designed for students who have not completed their graduate degree in the 5 or 7 year window initially allowed for the respective program. This form provides for an extension to study within the School of Graduate Studies for up to an additional academic year (2 semesters). Students should be prepared to provide rationale why they were unable to complete the program of study within the given timeframe and how additional time would be advantageous to the completion of the degree requirements.

  • Graduate Student Request to Take an Undergraduate-Level Course
    • The Graduate Students Taking an Undergraduate Course form is designed for the rare instances when a Graduate student needs or desires to take an Undergraduate Course. Representatives of both the Graduate program and the Undergraduate program must approve the action before registration occurs. Any courses taken at the Undergraduate level will not count toward graduate degree requirements in any way and may not be used to substitute for a graduate-level course.

  • Leave of Absence
    • The Leave of Absence form is designed for situations when a student may need to leave the University for a given amount of time to attend to student illness, illness in the family, pregnancy, loss of employment, military deployment, etc. The student should be prepared to provide concrete rationale with documentation as requested to support the request for a leave. A Leave of Absence may be taken for 1 semester or a maximum of 2 semesters (1 academic year). If additional leave is required after the duration of the first leave, then the student will need to fill out a new request detailing why additional time is required.

  • Program Withdrawal
    • The Program Withdrawal form is to be used by students who wish to stop their study within their given program. This form is used to remove the student from being a student. This form is NOT a form to withdraw from courses. Withdrawal from courses occurs through the WEBSIS interface and is completed entirely by the student. Even if leaving your program, the student is obligated to withdraw from their current coursework via the WEBSIS interface. Financial obligations and loan agreements still apply. Finally, it is very important to note that a withdrawal from the program is a final action. It is not possible to undo the withdrawal once it has been enacted.

  • Reinstatement of a Past Course to the Student's Schedule
    • The Reinstatement of a Past Course to the Student's Schedule form is to be used in odd situations when the student took a course, it can be verified by the instructor, earned a grade that the instructor is willing to post, and documentation supports such. This situation often occurs due to a lack of payment for tuition, an error in funding posted to the student's account at the University, or a course that was dropped without knowledge or by error.

  • Transfer of Credit / Pre-Approval of a Course to be Taken at Another Instiitution
    • The Transfer of Credit form is used to transfer credit from another institution to Morgan State University as part of a degree program. Most often, the credits were taken prior to attending Morgan, but sometimes the form is used to seek pre-approval of courses taken at another institution while the student is at Morgan. In either case, this is the form to use. Students should be prepared to supply course descriptions, syllabi, and rationale why the courses should be transferred to Morgan's program of study. Only graduate-level credits that have NOT been used as part of another degree and have earned a grade of B or higher will be considered (grades of B- will not be considered). Further, the course must be compatible with a course in the program of study in which the student is enrolled at Morgan or as an approved elective within the program of study.

  • Undergraduate Student Request to Take a Graduate-Level Course
    • The Undergraduate Students Taking a Graduate Course form is designed for an undergraduate student to get pre-approval for taking a graduate-level course. Representatives of both the Graduate program and the Undergraduate program must approve the action before registration occurs. The course(s) will count as part of the Undergraduate program and may not be double-counted as part of any future Graduate program as well unless part of a pre-approved credit sharing program. Eligible students must have successfully completed at least 96 credits of undergraduate coursework, maintain at least a 3.0 cum GPA, and provide rationale why the taking of a graduate course is important to student success.

  • Waiver of a Curricular Requirement
    • The Waiver of a Curricular Requirement form is designed for students who have already essentially taken a required course in previous study or life experience and wishes to waive the course requirement from the program of study. It should be noted that a waiver of course content does not necessarily equate to waiver of course credit requirements for graduation. Only programs that have credit requirements above MHEC minimum requirements may petition for credit requirements waivers as well; credit reductions are at the discretion of the program and the School of Graduate Studies.