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Mitchell School of Engineering


Hello, future Engineers!

Are you a student who likes mathematics and science? Do you find math and science challenging? Do you like solving problems, tinkering with junk, fixing things, or figuring out a better or more efficient way to do something that affects your everyday life? Are you creative? Do you like to design things? If this sounds like you, why not think about engineering as a career? Engineering is challenging, its exciting, and financially rewarding.If you want to explore engineering, enter a pre-college program or visit the many engineering websites for information. Complete mathematics through Calculus in high school; take chemistry, biology and physics; take computer classes; develop your writing and communications skills; and participate in a pre-college program that lets you practice what engineers do. And when you are ready to enter college, come visit the School of Engineering at Morgan State University and learn about our accredited, state of the art engineering education in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.