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| May 24, 2024

All Eyes on Rebuilding the Key Bridge

Dr. Oscar Barton, Jr., dean of the School of Engineering at Morgan State University, provides several key construction factors in rebuilding the bridge.

| May 23, 2024

In wake of Key Bridge collapse, authorities launch inquiry into US port infrastructure

Dr. Mehdi Shokouhian, professor of Civil Engineering at Morgan State University, discusses bridge risk analysis in bridge construction.

Science & Technology | May 22, 2024

High Schools Nationwide Are Facing a New Problem: AI-Generated Deep Fakes

Scripps News Liz Landers from the Disinformation Desk speaks to an AI researcher from Morgan State University and reports on the impact technology-fueled disinformation has had on a small community.

| May 20, 2024

What's Considered When Constructing a New Bridge? Expert Explains Replacement Options for Key Bridge

Plans are being discussed to reconstruct a new Francis Scott Key Bridge. Morgan's School of Engineering Dean Oscar Barton provides key insights.

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