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School of Community Health & Policy

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Dr. Cynthia Tucker

Lecturer, School of Community Health & Policy

Office: Jenkins 329
Phone: 443-885-3561


Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2004

Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences, School of Allied Health, Howard University, 2003

M.B.A. School of Business, Morgan State University, 1986

Culinary Institute of America, Certificate, 1985

B.S. Food & Nutrition, Morgan State University, 1980

Dr. Cynthia A. Tucker is a Lecturer in the Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics) Program at Morgan State University. Before coming to Morgan, she was a Clinical Dietetic Technician at Mercy Hospital for 5 years and then ventured into the entrepreneurial arena where she established her own foodservice management company. For 10 years, the company provided contract meals to Child and Adult Day Care facilities and to Head Start programs located in Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company provided over 2,000 meals per day, in addition to providing catering services to private and commercial businesses in these locations. She has diversified experiences in the areas of Nutrition, Food Service Management, Catering, Foodservice Design and Layout, Auditing, Nutritional Consulting and Food Safety. Dr. Tucker's research in the past has been related to the impact of anthropometrics, cholesterol, and lipoproteins to breast cancer risk in African American women. Currently, her research is focus on Food Safety and Food Safety Informatics management systems.

Selected Publications:
Thanemozhi G N, Natarajan G, Carter-Nolan P, Tucker C A, Shields P G, Adams-Campbell L L. (2007). γ-Radiation-Induced Chromosomal Mutagen Sensitivity Is Associated with Breast Cancer Risk in African-American Women: Caffeine Modulates the Outcome of Mutagen Sensitivity Assay. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers Prev, 15(3); 437-442.

Tucker, C A., Collins-Agurs, T., Carter-Nolan, P L., Makambi, K., Johnson, A A. (2010). Overweight and Obesity: Impact on Breast Cancer of African American Women through a Case Control Study. Journal of Non-significant Results in Education,1 (1), 13-24.

Tucker, C A., Larkin, SN., Akers, TA., (2011). Food Safety Informatics: A Public Health Imperative. Online Journal of Public health Informatics, Vol. 3, No. 2.

Llanos, A A., Makambi, K H., Tucker, C A., Carter-Nolan, P., Taylor, T R., Sheppard, V B., Shields, P G., Adams-Campbell, L L. (2012). Alcohol, anthropometrics, and breast cancer risk in African American women. The Breast Journal, 18(4), 394-395.

Llanos, A A., Makambi, KH., Tucker, C A., Wallington, FS, Shields, PG., Adams-Campbell, LL. (2012). Cholesterol, lipoproteins, and breast cancer risk in African American women. Ethnicity & Disease, 22(3):281-7.