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School of Business & Management

Undergraduate Programs

The Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management offers various undergraduate programs. Follow the links below for the programs that interest you

Degree Programs

The accounting program provides students with the technical and professional knowledge needed for entry level positions in all areas of accounting.

Business Administration
The Business Administration major is designed for those who want to become generalists in business management.

In recognition of the role entrepreneurship plays in the economic development of the nation, the entrepreneurship major focuses on building the skills of students who wish to create and operate their own businesses.

The goal of the Finance Program is to prepare students for entry level positions in all areas of finance.

Hospitality Management
The curriculum emphasizes managerial leadership and is designed to develop/prepare students with theoretical and applied business and hospitality knowledge, skills, values and attributes.

Information Systems
The Information Systems major is suitable for students who are planning to work in a corporate environment, to operate their own business, and to obtain a strong systems and business background for pursuing graduate studies.

Management (Human Resource Management)
The Management (Human Resource Management) major will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to recruit, train, hire, and develop human resources and develop & implement human resource strategies.

Our Marketing major offers excellent preparation for careers in areas such as promotion, distribution, research, sales, and the formulation of marketing policy.

Services & Supply Chain Management
The undergraduate Services & Supply Chain Management major provides students the interdisciplinary, comprehensive knowledge and skills to pursue a career as supply chain management leaders in a global environment. The B.S. in Services and Supply Chain Management (SSCM) qualifies for Transfer Incentive Program (TIP), where students with an Associate Degree can obtain up to $2000 per semester for up to five (5) semesters.