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Department of Information Science & Systems

Services & Supply Chain Management


News: The B.S. in Services & Supply Chain Management (SSCM) qualifies for Transfer Incentive Program (TIP), where students with an Associate Degree can obtain up to $2000 per semester for up to five (5) semesters.

Services & Supply Chain Management deal with fundamental business processes with larger roles than ever before in today's dynamic world. The supply chain professionals often work in a global environment to oversee how organizations control the flow of materials, services, finances, and information from suppliers, producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers to their final customers, with the support of modern information technology.

The undergraduate Services & Supply Chain Management (SSCM) program at Morgan State University emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to offer students a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of services and supply chain management theories and practices, including service design and operations, strategic sourcing and procurement, logistics, channel management, operations, business improvement, Lean and Six Sigma, sustainability, business analytics, retail management, public service management, information systems, and supply chain risk management.

Graduates of this program are expected to start their careers as:

  • Entry-level supply chain analysts
  • Procurement manager
  • Buyer
  • Demand manager
  • Logistics planner
  • Supply management analyst
  • Acquisition project analyst,
  • Sales/distribution managers
  • Supplier relationship manager
  • Customer relationship manager

The undergraduate SSCM program offers both a Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.) degree in SSCM and a Minor in SSCM.

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