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School of Business & Management

About the Program

Core Courses: 36 Credits (27 Core: 9 Electives)

The following 8 courses, 24 credits, will be required of all students. This series of courses presents an opportunity for students to expand their understanding of how organizations work and simultaneously build leadership skill sets.

ACCT 600: Accounting for Decision Making
FIN 620: Corporate Finance
BUAD 625: Organizational Leadership and Ethics
BUAD 647: International Business Environment & Sustainability
MKTG 675: Strategic Marketing & Business Intelligence
INSS 687: Information Technology & Supply Chain Management System
BUAD 660: Human Capability Management
ENTR 651: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUAD 699: Strategic Management
3 Electives (12 credits)


MBA Electives

Students must select four (3) courses from the list below that they believe will round out their skill sets for managing. These courses are rotated so students can broaden their managerial mind-set.



ACCT 603: Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 606: Advanced Auditing
ACCT 608: Management Information System in Accounting
ACCT 610: Business Taxation
ACCT 631: Financial Accounting and Reporting



FIN 630: International Financial Management
FIN 631: Financial Institutions and Markets
FIN 632: Investment Analysis
FIN 633: Risk Analysis and Insurance


Business Administration

BUAD 650: Business Research Methods
BUAD 652: Strategic Human Resource Management
BUAD 654: Organizational Development and Consulting
BUAD 656: Essentials of Negotiations
BUAD 658: Current Issues in International Business
BUAD 664: Entrepreneurship
BUAD 666: Internship in Business (Faculty Approval Required)



MKTG 676: International Marketing
MKTG 677: Promotions Marketing
MKTG 681: Marketing in the Services Organization


Information Systems

INSS 630: Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing
INSS 632: Logistics Management
INSS 634: Information Systems for Supply Chain Management
INSS 636: Current Issues in Supply Management
PROJ 600: Foundations in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
PROJ 655: Building and Leading Successful Project Teams (PROJ 600)
PROJ 670: Managing Project Procurement, Quality, and Risk (PROJ 600)

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