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Ricard Charles Students

Morgan Student selected for the new Ghana to the Netherlands Internship Program

by coleman jordan
December 07, 2023

Ricard CharlesRicard Charles, a student in the Graduate Program in Architecture (M.Arch) at Morgan State University (MSU), was selected as the first intern for the new Ghana to the Netherlands Internship Program. The program was envisioned and developed by architect and Chairman of ArchiAfrika, Joe Osae-Addo, and Nanne De Ru, Founder of Powerhouse Company

School of Architecture & Planning (SA+P) Assistant Professor coleman a. jordan [ebo] initiated Morgan's involvement in the program. The program aims to give students a unique opportunity to spend up to three months living in each foreign country and working with a renowned architecture firm. 

An undergraduate Architecture and Environmental Design alumnus, Ricard began his internship experience in July 2023 in Accra, Ghana, with Key Architectural Group, thanks to Hussein Fakhry, Principal Architect and CEO. Ricard will conclude his internship in January 2024 with Powerhouse Company in the Netherlands. His experience aligns with Morgan's vision to broaden students' international exposure and shape the future. Ricard Charles' first visit to Rotterdam was as a participant in the March 2023 students' trip abroad to Rotterdam, organized by Associate Professor Cristina Cassandra Murphy. This trip included a site visit to Powerhouse Company's Floating Office in Rotterdam.