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Board of Regents


Executive Committee:  
The Executive Committee shall be composed of the three elected officers (the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, and the Secretary) and the chairpersons of the standing committees. The Chairperson of the Board is the chairperson of this committee. This committee may advise the President on urgent or pressing matters when the Board is not in session and may advise the President and the Board on issues which do not fall within the purview of one of the standing committees. The Executive Committee shall meet upon the call of the Chairperson at the earliest possible time following oral or written notice to its members.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:  
This committee shall have responsibility for policy matters concerning all undergraduate and graduate academic programs and departments of the University. This committee shall make appropriate recommendations with respect to the establishment of new academic programs, policies, and procedures and shall recommend to the Board persons to receive honorary degrees and the policies governing such awards. This committee shall also consider policy matters concerning all non-academic facets of student welfare.  The Academic and Student Affairs Committee shall meet at least four (4) times annually. 

Finance and Facilities Committee: 
This committee shall have responsibility for all matters related to the business and financial policies and practices of the University, including property management. This committee shall review the annual reporting budget prepared by the President and shall make recommendations for its approval and adoption by the Board based on the soundness of the justifications the President provides. This committee shall monitor all budgetary requests and make recommendations regarding personnel or budgetary changes which are exceptions to an approved budget. This committee shall also review and present to the Board all audit reports and any other reports regarding the annual fiscal and financial needs of the University. This committee also, based upon the recommendation of the President which shall include a justification, shall review the assigning of a name to a University facility, whether the facility is new or in use, and shall present such name to the Board of Regents for approval. The Finance and Facilities Committee shall meet at least four (4) times annually. 

Audit Committee:  
Following best practices in higher education, the Board of Regents recently established the Audit Committee to devote particular attention to oversight of the University's financial reporting and related matters.  Such matters include oversight of internal controls, review of the financial statements and management's corrective action plans in response to deficiencies cited by the auditors, review and approval of internal audit's long range plans and activities, monitoring ethics and compliance with laws, and ensuring fraud hotlines are maintained.