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PhD in Social Work

Mission & Goals


A primary focus of Morgan State University is to address societal problems, especially those that impact urban communities. The mission of the PhD department in social work embraces and reinforces the University's mission. More specifically, the PhD department prepares students for leadership roles in urban social work research, social policy analysis and advocacy, and social work education. The urban focus recognizes that inner-city residents bear the brunt of the social, economic, political, and health-related problems of American society. The PhD department in social work prepares students to apply a social justice framework to analyze and solve the multifaceted problems and challenges of contemporary urban society. A special focus is given to the social problems that confront African-American families, communities, and organizations. The PhD department also produces persons interested in becoming professors in schools and departments of social work so that they can influence future social workers and contribute to social work's knowledge base on urban families, communities, and organizations.


  1. To produce competent and socially conscious leaders in the field of social welfare who will work assiduously to affect positive social change;
  2. To produce researchers, scholars, and social policy advocates who will contribute to the knowledge base of social work and to the general social science literature in the areas of urban social problems and urban social strengths;
  3. To produce social work educators who will infuse knowledge of urban social problems and urban social strengths in the social work curriculum; and
  4. To produce graduates who are competent in and knowledgeable of urban social policy, urban social work and family theory, urban organizations and communities, and research methods and statistics.