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Abubakar Ringim

Abubakar Ringim

Graduate Research Assistant,

Office: PEARL
Phone: 443-885-5939

Curriculum Vitae


BSc, Zoology - Bayero University Kano, Nigeria

MSc, Biodiversity Conservation - University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Ringim is an accomplished explorer, adventurer, and wildlife photographer. Reading and creative writings are his passion. Ringim held a B.Sc. Zoology from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria, and Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Ringim is a Tetfund-Morgan Scholar in his second year of the Bioenvironmental Sciences PhD program at Morgan and has joined the PEARL Natural Resources Economics team to work on their Sika Deer Project. His research focuses on biodiversity, conservation, and citizen science.

Specific Research Interests:

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Ornithology
  • Wetlands Ecology
  • Citizen Science
  • Conservation Education


  • Abubakar, H. M. & Ringim, A. S. (2020). Red-pate Cisticola Cisticola ruficeps in Potiskum, northeast Nigeria. Malimbus, 42, 24-26.
  • Ringim, A. S., Ibrahim, J. I., Ottosson, U., Ivande, S. T., Tende, T., & Ezekiel, S. P. (2020). An extension to the known range of the Grey-backed Fiscal Lanius excubitoroides in Nigeria. Malimbus, 42, 31-32.
  • Ringim, A. S. (2019). A leucistic Long-tailed Glossy Starling Lamprotornis caudatus. Malimbus, 41, 60-61.
  • Ringim, A. S., Abu, P., Ottosson, U., Ivande, S. T., Tende, T., Abubakar, H. M., Okwhofase, J., Ezekiel, S. P. & Muhammad, S. I (2020). Range extension and breeding of the House Sparrow Passer domesticus in Nigeria. Malimbus, 41, 63-65.
  • Ringim, A. S., Magige, F. J., & John, J. R. M. (2018). Diversity and density of avifauna in areas with different protection status: a case study in Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, North-eastern Nigeria. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental of Sciences, 44(2): 117-125.


  • Ringim, A. S., Knoche, S., & Ritchie, K. (2022). Human Dimensions of Sika Deer Management on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore. 77th Annual Northeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Conference. Long Branch, NJ. April 2022