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Office of Undergraduate Research

Research Ambassadors

Research Ambassadors are undergraduate researchers who encourage their peers to explore their research interests and motivate/support them in pursuing training opportunities. Ambassadors represent a wide variety of academic disciplines and research interests. The inaugural group (2023-2024) of O.U.R. Research Ambassadors are listed below.

Raeann Ellison, Family & Consumer Sciences

  • Current research interests: Dynamics of Human Society, with a primary focus on Maternal Health and Child Studies, such as the Mother-Infant Connection through Lactation
  • Career goals: FACS Teacher, with a long-term goal of potentially transitioning into school social work to support the further well-being of students

Lila Hopkins, Strategic Communication

  • Current research interests: Social Media, Pop Culture, and Crime
  • Career goals: Journalism, PR, and possibly Education

Ky'Asia Johnson, Psychology

  • Current research interests: Maternal and Mental Health Disparities, Mental Health Counseling, and various therapeutic practices
  • Career goals: Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Social Work as well as Education (ranging from elementary school up to undergraduate)

Serenity Logan, Biology

  • Current research interests: Animal Neurobiology, Behaviors, and Ecology
  • Career goals: Veterinary Behaviorist, Veterinary Nutritionist, or Laboratory Animal Veterinarian