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Office of Undergraduate Research

Post-baccalaureate Training Opportunities

According to Kaplan, "a post-baccalaureate program—or post-bacc—is a program completed after graduation from college. Students can enroll in a post-baccalaureate program with a variety of goals: to complete a second BA/BS degree, to attain a graduate certificate, or to complete prerequisite courses for admission into medical school or other graduate programs. Most post-baccalaureate programs take one to two years to complete." Many graduates also participate in post-bacc training opportunities to explore and/or enhance their hands-on research experience as a way to increase their competitiveness to PhD and/or Master's programs. Overall, post-bacc programs are ideal ways to gain valuable experience during a planned gap year (or two).

Please see below for a list of various opporunities that span different disciplines (list will be updated on monthly basis).