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Office of the Registrar

Registration Alternate Pins

The following majors require Alternate Pins for course registration.  To retrieve your Alternate Pin, please visit your academic department for advisement.  Once advised, you will receive your Alternate Pin number which will allow you to register for your academic courses. Only the assigned advisor or their designee can provide the registration pin to students. 

Be advised that the Office of the Registrar does not provide registration pins to students. If you have any questions or need help with registration, you may contact the Office of the Registrar at



Accounting (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Actuarial Science (Undergraduate)

Advanced Computing (Graduate)

African American Studies (Graduate)

Applied Liberal Studies (Undergraduate)

Architecture and Environmental Design (Undergraduate)

Bioengineering (Graduate)

Bioinformatics (Graduate)

Biology (Undergraduate)

Broadcasting (Undergraduate)

Business Administration (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Chemistry (Undergraduate)

Cloud Computing (Undergraduate)

Construction Management (Undergraduate)

Computer Science (Undergraduate)

Economics (Undergraduate)

Elementary Education (Undergraduate)

English (Undergraduate)

Engineering Physics (Undergraduate)

Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate)

Family and Consumer Science (Undergraduate)

Finance (Undergraduate)

Fine Art (Undergraduate)

Health Education (Undergraduate)

History (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Hospitality Management (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Human Resource Management (Undergraduate)

Information Systems (Undergraduate)

Interior Design (Undergraduate)

Journalism (Undergraduate)

Mathematics (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Management (Undergraduate)

Management and Business Administration (Undergraduate)

Marketing (Undergraduate)

Medical Laboratory Science (Undergraduate)

Medical Technology (Undergraduate)

Multi-Media Journalism (Undergraduate)

Multi-Platform Production (Undergraduate)

Museum Studies (Graduate)

Music (Undergraduate)

Musical Theatre (Undergraduate)

Nursing (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Online Masters of Business Administration (Graduate)

Online Masters of Public Health (Graduate)

Online Project Management (Graduate)

Philosophy (Undergraduate)

Physical Education (Undergraduate)

Physics (Undergraduate)

Political Science (Undergraduate)

Project Management (Graduate)

Psychology (Undergraduate)

Public Health (Graduate)

Science (Graduate)

Sociology (Undergraduate)

Speech (Undergraduate)

Services and Supply Chain Management (Undergraduate)

Strategic Communication (Undergraduate)

Screenwriting and Animation (Undergraduate)

Theatre Arts (Undergraduate)