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Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration

Pre-Kwanzaa < 2020

Kwanzaa, an African American holiday, was celebrated at Morgan State University on the first Saturday in December for many years. Children and families throughout the City of Baltimore were invited to the campus to learn about the fundamental values and traditions upon which African peoples have built a civilization, culture and character. Music, games, exhibits, food, dance and storytelling and other activities continue to be used to explain the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa prior to the COVID pandemic is presented here.

Pre-Kwanzaa 2022

Seven Principles/Nguzo Saba

Unity (umoja), 0o-Mo-Jah;
Self-determination (kujichagulia), Ooo-gee-Cha-Goo-Lee-Yah
Collective work and responsibility (ujima), OO-GEE-MA
Cooperative economics (ujamaa), OO-JAH-MA)
Purpose (nia), NEE-YAH
Creativity (kuumba) KUUMBA KOO-OOM-BAH
Faith (Imani), EH-MAH-NEE

People in African GarbMusiciansChildren playing with drumsDrummersMusiciansMorgan Students Dancing

LimboAfrican clothing fashion show

Pre-Kwanzaa 2023

Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday. It is not a religious observation. Dr. Karenga, its founder, believed that African Americans needed a unique celebration to build solidarity in a time of increasing unrest and marginalization of African Americans.

Students speaking with fashion show lined up behindMan signingDr. Woodroffe speakingMusiciansLimbo