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Department of Multiplatform Production


The performance center for the Department of Multiplatform Production, BEAR-TV provides students in MPPD classes the hands-on experiences that complement the theory they learn in the classroom. It is supervised by Professor of Practice Al Morgan.

Each week, BEAR-TV produces fresh content produced by the students and connected to their interests. Some of last year's programming included "Morgan News Now," hosted and written by SGJC students, the program was a source of campus news and trending topics. "Humans of Morgan" got at the heart of what it means to be an MSU Bear and shared stories about Morganites of diverse cultures and backgrounds. "Diaspora in 30" was a program designed to get students to understand the African Diaspora and their places in it. Called "D30" for short, the program has interviewed people like Afro-German documentarian John Kantara, activist/filmmaker J.C. Faulk and an MSU expert on the Diaspora, Dr. Herbert Brewer.