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Communications Center

Department of Multiplatform Production

The Bachelor of Science in Multiplatform Production recognizes that in the real world, there is less and less compartmentalization in the media.  The integration of the media and the proliferation of new technologies requires that students learn how to do it all.  In addition to learning how to create and produce material for traditional broadcast media, students will learn how to create and produce material for various digital and Internet-based media, including the social media.

In learning how to "do it all" students will need to have strong writing skills in addition to their strong technical skills.  In their coursework, students will have to be able to develop text that will be used in the audio/video materials they will be creating and editing.

As important as classroom instruction is, students need practical, hands-on experiences in as real world a setting as possible.  They will get that experience through a School of Global Journalism and Communication faculty supervised media operation that will include, among other opportunities, WMUR Radio, Bear TV and both print and online versions of The Spokesman.

Finally, because the world is interconnected in ways never dreamed possible in earlier decades students will be exposed to how production media industries operate in other nations.  This is important because students may one day work in other nations.  It is also important because different cultures approach media differently and those differences affect not just the things that are created but the forms that they take.  Understanding that is key to understanding how and why the United States is depicted the way it is in various nations.