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Information Science and Systems

Shirin Hasavari

Dr. Shirin Hasavari

Assistant Professor, Information Science and Systems

Office: GSBM 548
Phone: 443-885-3462


D.Sc. Information Technology, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University, 2020
MS in Information Technology, Towson University, 2014
BS, Mathematical Engineering program, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, 1989


Shirin Hasavari is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems at Morgan State University. She holds a Doctor of Science in Information Technology with a Computer Science track from Towson University, MS in IT from Towson University, and a BS in Mathematical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Prior to joining Morgan State University, Dr. Hasavari has taught a variety of courses in IT, CS and IS at Towson University between 2016-2022. She is a member of IEEE and Towson Alumni Association and received a Graduate Research Awards and Terminal Degree Fellowship in 2017 academic year. Before returning to academia in 2012, she worked for different industries over a 10-year period, worked with a variety of projects such as software systems development and database designing.

Research Interests

  • Permissioned Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Databases
  • Use and Application of Information Technology in Healthcare including EMS
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Software Engineering


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