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Information Science & Systems

Sanjay Bapna

Dr. Sanjay Bapna

Interim Associate Dean, Information Science & Systems

Office: GSBM 510A
Phone: 443-885-3941


Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Dept. of Management Sciences, University of Iowa, 1992
MBA, University of Iowa, 1987
B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 1981

Professor Sanjay Bapna is Professor and Chair of the Department of Information Science and Systems. Prof. Bapna received a BTech. in Chemical Engineering in 1981 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, an MBA. in 1987, and a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems in 1992 from The University of Iowa. He has received many honors including the prestigious 2011 Best Paper award, the 2009 Best paper award from the internationally recognized National Decision Sciences Institute, the 1994 best paper award from the International Association of Computer Information Systems. Prof. Bapna has also secured several grants from the Department of Transportation and is an authority on analytics and modeling, as well as Commercial Vehicle operations.

Research Interests
Sanjay Bapna has extensive experience in Information systems design and data related issues including modeling and analytics. He has over 20 years of experience in the domain of database design, research issues related to data retrieval, information analysis and modeling, analytics, and business intelligence. Sanjay Bapna has expertise in the following principle areas: Business Intelligence, Business Processes with SAP, Data Mining, Modeling and Analytics, Input-Output Modeling, Computer Security, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for Optimization.


Recent Publications

Ramsey, G.W. & Bapna, S.. (2019). Predicting Patient Turnover: Lessons From Predicting Customer Churn Using Free-Form Call Center Notes. In Computational Methods and Algorithms for Medicine and Optimized Clinical Practice (pp. 108-132). IGI Global.

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Shin, H. S., Bapna, S., Farkas, A., & Nickkar, A. (2019). Providing an Accurate Performance Measure of the Economic Contribution of the Freight Industry: An Input-Output Analysis. International Journal of Applied Logistics (IJAL), 9(1), 23-38.

Ramsey, G. W., & Bapna, S. (2016). Text Mining to Identify Customers Likely to Respond to Cross-Selling Campaigns: Reading Notes from Your Customers. International Journal of Business Analytics, 3 (3), forthcoming

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